DIVA DISH: Time to Toss the Gloss

DIVA DISH: Time to Toss the Gloss

This pale gloss goes both ways – works with peaches, works with pinks – and is just so pretty in its packaging.  I was immediately drawn to it like candy.

But sadly, Cargo Classic Lipgloss in Halifax does nothing for me – a brunette with olive skin and pink-toned lips.  The sheer wash, while beautiful in consistency – not sticky or tacky - just disappeared on me.  It may as well have been clear. 

Good thing my former assistant turned ROCKSTAR since her big promotion last winter is my beauty opposite – a redhead with fair skin and light-toned lips.  We’re perfect for one another in oh-so-many ways, so it’s really no surprise we compliment each other in this regard as well.

She wasted no time in snapping it up and dabbing it on.  (Is it any wonder why I love her so?!)

And it looked great!

You know what they say – One woman’s waste is another woman’s wonderful new addition to her beauty cabinet.

Oh wait… only I say that??!

Anyhoo – also awesome about the gloss, it contains timestrip technology that allows wearers to insert a strip into the cap that turns red over time alterting women to replace it.

So little Miss M can get herself a new one after her Halifax expires and I can go online now to find a shade more suitable to my liptone.

Good Times, Ladies.  Good Times.