Diva Dish: Transfix Me

Diva Dish: Transfix Me

The best thing about indie and smaller beauty brands is that they usually have a hero product that fills a need not being met by the cosmetic giants. Such is the case with Manna Kadar Transfix, which you can buy not only as a single tube but also as a monthly subscription. You know you’ve got a winner on your hands when replenishment is THAT urgent.

Now I have a lot of powder products that claim they can be used wet or dry but let’s face it, 99% of the time I use them dry. 

Enter Transfix. 

It allows you to convert any eyeshadow into a liquid liner. I know, I know. There are a few other products (and some DIY methods) out there that can do the same. This particular product comes with a brush that you simply run over the shadow and apply directly. Very simple. That’s nice. But the real clincher is this – once the “liner” is on, it does not move. It does not melt. It does not budge. And it lasts for hours.


I tested this product in a frenzied state of getting back from a spin class and quickly having to shower before meeting a friend in the biz. I coated my strands in hair serum to allow my natural waves to do their thing. But I needed a fast face too. (As you guys know, I’m not too keen on NAKEDFACE.) When it’s crunch time, I usually opt for bold lips. They take no time and distract from everything else. So after dusting on some luminous face powder, I swiped on a glossy cherry red. I felt my eyes need a touch of definition for balance so I pulled out the Transfix and ran the brush over a favorite black shadow with light gold shimmer. Worked like a charm.

I headed out (more like dashed) and after meeting my friend, also ran some errands.

Hours later I returned home and had these thoughts:

  1. The liner was still perfectly in place. For women who have the “disappearing” or “falling” eyeliner problem (I hear it ALL the time and it’s often from expensive eye creams), this would be a great solution. 
  2. In my haste, I forgot to put on any mascara. I was loving the liner look so much, I didn’t even realize. My natural lashes are dark and have good curl to them but this is UNHEARD OF for me. I like my lashes jet-black, long, thick, defined, dramatic, voluminous, you-name-it. And I’ve been known to mix and match mascaras to get it all. 
  3. I love a killer cat-eye and work with gel and liquid liners a lot. But sometimes you want precision with a softer finish. Transfix gave me something that was daytime appropriate but would also work well with a smoky eye. (I personally find it off-putting when a beautifully blended smoky eye has a wet-looking precise stripe of liquid liner over it at the lashline. It’s like wearing a cocktail dress with sneakers.)
  4. The color options become endless for liner looks when any of your powder shadows can be transfixed.
  5. Even though I was sent a tube to sample, at $19 this is a product I would repurchase. I’m a big believer in heroes.

Note: This post is not sponsored. Samples were provided for review and/or for my use as a professional makeup artist.