DIVA DISH: Travel Accessories for the Chic Jet-Setter

DIVA DISH: Travel Accessories for the Chic Jet-Setter

Whether it’s a weekend in the Hamptons or a week in the south of France, there’s no way to travel but in style.

I’m always on the hunt for ways to pack wisely and efficiently but still fabulously. Which is why I was pleasantly surprised (read: OMG ecstatic!)to see the new offerings on Stella & DotI’m used to their standout statement jewelry and, don’t worry, they still have it in spades. Evidence below:

Stella & Dot Zahara Bibb Necklace, $248

Stella & Dot Petra Braided Bracelet, $98

Stella & Dot Sidewinder Snake Ring, $69

But thanks to my girl Jenai (a personal stylist on the site), I see there’s also SUPERcute travel essentials like jewelry rolls, toiletries folds and cosmetic cases.

Now we’re talkin’…

This is the Bring It Jewelry Roll ($39). Since I carry on all my jewelry, the only reason I don’t bring it is that I fear I may lose it. With this many secure straps and pockets, I can worry no more. Not to mention, it’s totally adorable.

This is the Hang On Travel Case ($39). It’s the perfect fold-up for your toiletries. With clear plastic compartments, you can see all your lotions and potions and, in the event of a leak, you’re covered. Better yet, your clothes aren’t.

This is the Pouf Cosmetics Bag ($22). Zebra with a pop of red?! I was sold at zebra alone. Perfect shape for your eyeliners, eyeshadows, mascaras, lipliners, lipsticks, lipglosses, lipbalms, blushes, and lots more makeup you may not need or use but you’re packing just in case. (I know it’s not just me.)

Happy summer travels, my divas!! 



  1. 007vzsgdlljap

    Love the post! It’s true…the style opportunities to travel as a Diva are endless! From the Pouf Cosmetic Bag to the Weekender- S&D has it all! XOXO

  2. 01unf2sfvg60u

    i wish i had read this before my jordan trip – i love it all!!  and i could have used these suggestions because, yes, i packed my jewelry in ziplock bags.  lol  maybe i’ll just have to buy a few of these things before my next NYC trip  ;)

  3. Lauren Cosenza

    em! how was your trip?? ziplocks… ehhhh. so un-chic ;)

  4. Michelle Weiss

    These are super cute! I used jewelry rolls for flying out to the east coast last week – they are the best.

  5. 0x1p0z5m3zd59

    These are super cute! I used jewelry rolls for flying out to the east coast last week – they are the best.

  6. 19ge0xsc5qp2r

    Love this! And i also carry-on all makeup and accessories and jewelry for fear of separation from it. I am obsessed with pouches and travel cases so these are perfect for me. And i have been very pleased with the quality of all the S&D items I have bought so far!! Thx for highlighting these.