For centuries, music reigns among the most stimulating artistic expressions. Regardless of genre, some tune is sure to stir the soul and captivate the body. Music powers us through the day, and into the night.  Music also brings a sense of belonging and comfort. And so, my life is filled with a beat from the moment I wake ’til the second I close my eyes. 

Naturally, music mobility is essential. And my cannot-live-without go-to is the BEM wireless mobile speaker.

Why do I love it so?

To start, bluetooth connectivity to this wireless speaker allows me to dance my way from behind the stove to under the showerhead. And of course I can set the mood in the bedroom, for my own R&R… or for special company. I can toss it in a beachbag to accompany me while laying out poolside or throw it in my art supplies bag to take while working on a sketch or painting in the park. If I’m leaving on a jet plane, it leaves with me. 

Controlled from a smartphone, ipod, tablet or other portable device, the playlist is your own and the sound is impressive. At just under 2.5″ cubed, BEM is testament to the good ‘ole saying “big things come in small packages.”

And of course, I bite at any chance to color my aura! Bem wireless speakers come in six core colors plus 24 college colors. Brilliant technology with the option to showcase your personality and style is a win-win to me.

UNISEXXXY: universal beauty fashion design lifestyle

UNISEXXX: a label stripped of all labels.




  1. Lauren Cosenza

    LOVE these!! 

    hard to imagine i know, but i’d take the purple! “too cute to boot” no? ;)



    LOVE purple, such a great color! Most definitely ‘too cute to boot!!’

    Okay so check out my TCTBstatus…I have the Green BEM, which matches my iphone5 case and the new Michael Kors summer shades I bought.

    Talk about ‘color your aura‘ A+ on my ‘too cute to boot‘ chalkboard!


  3. Lauren Cosenza

    Oooh matchy matchy in the best of ways! Loves it.


    Looks like I forgot to mention…this is not only a great wireless speaker, but it is super affordable! What a great gift idea for a birthday, father’s day, high school and college graduations, etc. Literally PERF for any age and any occasion for under $75. 

    Rather than showing up with a card and cash…way better to give a present with a little more thought that will most certainly get a ton of use!