DIVA DISH: The one about the nail polish and the earrings

DIVA DISH: The one about the nail polish and the earrings

In my former life working for women’s magazines and in the life prior to that in advertising where I ran print ads in women’s magazines, I had to read almost every women’s title out there cover to cover as part of my job. So if you think you’ve heard the one about the nail polish and the earring backs 1,000 times, I’ve heard it 1,000,000. 

But I’ve never actually tested it.

My earlobes have been pretty tough thus far and I’ve worn all sorts of earrings (big and heavy, small and cheap, you name it). 

But lately, one of my favorite pairs — little silver hearts — causes a skin reaction and MAJOR irritation.

I’m really not ready to part with them. So for the first time ever, I took out some clear nail polish to put the solution to the test.

The idea is that if you coat the backs and posts with clear nail polish, you can wear whatever earrings you like. No more redness, no more flaky skin, no more sensitivity. 

So I did just that using Victoria’s Secret Beauty 2-in-1 Base & Top Coat and wore them out for the night.

And guess what?


For that night.

If you want to wear them again, you should reapply the clear coat every few times. And depending on the pair, possibly every single time.

Small price to pay (in the form of a super simple task) for earrings you love.


  1. 2w81w36lx81ec

    It’s likely a nickel allergy.  I have that too and thought it would happen with all “cheap” earrings – but it doesn’t, just certain ones.  I don’t do the clear polish, I have a cream from the derm that I stick the post in before wearing and then no reaction.  Also – my Kleen Kanteen water bottle – stainless – I found that I was sort of avoiding the water during spin class, just wasn’t liking it.  Did some research and those bottles contain nickel!  So now I’ve got a spiffy new glass bottle that I adore.  :-)

  2. 2w81w36lx81ec

    It’s Prednicarbate Emollient Cream 0.1%- prescription only.

  3. 0ujkkdespa7kg

    Thanks for testing this out Lauren.  I think you just rescued a pair of my earrings. :)

  4. Lauren Cosenza

    Thanks Kel!

    And Lori, love it! We not only save face on the site, but we save jewelry too!! 

  5. Lauren Cosenza

    Thanks Kel!! 

    What is the cream from the derm?? Do you remember?