Diva Dish: VS “Dream Angels” Eau De Parfums

Diva Dish: VS “Dream Angels” Eau De Parfums

Thanks to Diva Giveaways and being a DIVAlicious member, I get to mix and match between two romantic Dream Angels perfumes by Victoria’s Secret. Whether going out on a fun day date or having a more intimate night out, these fragrances give off scents that are sure to impress, or rather entice, a significant other!

The first (above) and definitely my favorite of the two is called Kiss. A perfect blend of pink florals, mint leaf, and osmanthus blossom, Kiss is promising when it comes to making yourself smell unforgettable. Its crisp and playful aroma is perfect for a one-on-one romantic dinner date, where your favorite 4-inch black pumps and a slender backless dress are required to complete the statement-worthy combo.

At first spritz, Kiss is a clean, powerful scent, and as the night goes on and the notes reveal themselves, you’ll feel just as sexy and confident as this perfume was made to make you feel. That being said, why not take it all the way and dab on some of your favorite red lipstick while you’re at it? Kiss screams passion and allure. You’ll feel more daring just wearing it.

The next angelic scent is called Blush. Most certainly brighter and fruitier, Blush is a mesmerizing fusion of white water lotus and drenched driftwood. Refreshing to the bone, this fragrance is the alter-ego to Kiss when it comes to day dates on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Before you leave for brunch, make sure your pastel-colored floral dress is paired with your go-to tan strappy wedges, as well as a classic leather envelope clutch. Dollop a bit of nude lipstick with a finishing touch of clear gloss, and you’ll be set to meet your date at the French cafe down the block for a meal. 

With its lingering scent, Blush guarantees to have you feeling romantic and ready to stroll down that sidewalk with your companion.

I must say, with summer starting to weave its way through and going out after work and/or on the weekends becomes routine, this new Victoria’s Secret entrancing Dream Angels twosome is a necessity for alternating day and night!

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  1. GaYoung Kwon

    Seems like a must try! I’ve been searching for a new scent for the summer…;)