DIVA DISH: Winterizing

DIVA DISH: Winterizing


Intern Brittany here…

It’s that time of year when we begin browsing for potential gifts for our friends and family, and of course a few here and there for ourselves… obvi.

Here are some things I’m into this year.

Over-The-Knee boots came roaring into style about this time last year.  They were featured inside every magazine. You invested in them, your friends invested in them, and of course you watched as women everywhere paraded confidently in a hot new pair.   It’s no surprise this season that the OTK is back, and let me tell you - on my college budget, finding a sexy, chic, AFFORDABLE pair is no easy feat.

BUT..but..but..I did find some brands who rose to the challenge of reinterpretting the style of some of the most beloved designers in the biz.

These are the Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boot.  An admirable and classy OTK boot, but the price-tag leaves me questioning.

Lucky for you and me, Steve Madden created a very similar boot, for us budget Divas, with a much kinder price tag . What a STEAL! (Did I mention they are ON SALE at Zappos?!)

Yes there are slight variations between the two boots, but is it worth a difference of $475 ?! I think not when you can buy another pair of boots that are just as hot this season and a few other cute accessories with that money, honey!

One of my FAVORITE style icons is Kourtney Kardashian (LDiva loves Kim!).  Whenever I see her on the cover of a magazine, I can’t wait to see what she’s wearing. I’ve seen numerous pictures of Kourtney wearing these exquisite Chanel riding boots.

[Photo: StyleBistro.com]

Which are really inconveniently priced at over $1,000! 

I love Kourtney, and I love the boots, but $1,000?! HELL to the NO for moi. 

But I found a good runner up by Vince Camuto -  way more wallet friendly and available at Nordstrom.

Not a perfect imitation, but close enough. 

If it’s that two-toned style riding boot you’re looking for (or someone on your shopping list is looking for), then I have to say I love this one!

What I like even more is that they zip all the way up so there is no forcing your foot into the boot! LOVE LOVE LOOOVE! AND EVEN BETTER, these are only a tenth of what Kourtney’s cost.  They will run you less than $200, so you’re free to run around spending the money you saved on other things.