The 5 Commandments of Makeup for Bangs

The 5 Commandments of Makeup for Bangs

Now that I’ve managed to learn how to style my bangs in all different ways, I realized I’ve also changed my makeup to better complement the cut.

Cuz you gots to keep it bangin… ;)

So — for my girls on the fringe…


1. Thou shalt recognize that more than shadow, the eyeliner and mascara are essential.

Particularly for longer bangs like mine. Bangs draw the focus to the eyes so they should be nicely rimmed with lashes perfectly coated. You want depth and drama. Since the upper lids are often partially or fully covered, don’t spend too much time painstakingly painting a masterpiece on them — your work will hardly show. For the blog, I often have to clip the bangs up for the makeup pics so you can see the lids.

2. Thou shalt not stress over brows.

If  your bangs cover your brows, simply run through them with a spoolie brush and go. No need to waist precious moments filling in with pencil or powder. Even if it was part of your normal routine, it’s a step you can now focus less time on or skip altogether . Just make sure you keep them in good shape with regular waxing or tweezing.

3. Thou shalt not lose one’s head.

Even though it’s hidden under fringe, it’s still important to check the forehead before heading out. Since bangs tend to split and it can be windy this time of year, you want to make sure no shine or skin imperfections are showing through.  A little foundation or powder plus concealer for any necessary spot treatment and you’re good to go.

4. Thou shalt give proper lip.

If you have a bold bang, a strong lip is hot. If you have a wispy bang, a soft lip is hot. The lip should reflect the mood of how your hair is styled.

5. Thou shalt add dimension to the face by contouring.

Don’t ask me why (I think it’s because bangs change the shape of the face by eliminating the forehead), but bangs look better when features are more pronounced, like the cheekbone and the bridge of the nose. So highlight and contour away. I also always pop a little highlighter on the cupid’s bow for effect. Mmmmuaa!