DIVA DIY: Create a Custom Lipstain

DIVA DIY: Create a Custom Lipstain

Make any lipstick into a lipstain with these easy breezy tips.

I guide Intern GaYoung through the 6 simple steps while photographing her.

STEP 1: Get out your lipbrush and some Aquaphor, then pick any shade of lipstick in any finish. 

STEP 2: Load the lipbrush with a bit of Aquaphor. It will sheer out the intensity and saturation of the lipstick. 

STEP 3: Using the loaded brush, swipe the top of the lipstick to pick up color.

STEP 4: Layer the diffused color onto a palette or the back of your hand.

Step 5: Dust translucent powder over the mixture to mattify it.

Step 6: Press color onto lips for the perfect stain.


PS: Thank you, Miss GaYoung, for being my tester and makeup model!!