DIVA DIY: The Dye Job

DIVA DIY: The Dye Job

So I got this distressed denim Uniqlo pencil skirt right after the holidays because it was a solid staple and also WAS ON SALE FOR $17.

I actually got it online without trying it on. Rare for me. Took a chance.

When it arrived, it was as cute as pictured  – but my frame, unlike the tall and straight model featured on the website, is petite and curvy. It was fine but kind of blahhhhh.

I kept trying it on with different things hoping to find inspiration in expected and unexpected pairings. Nada.

The skirt sort of hit me right below the knee, which is usually a great length on all 5 feet 0 inches of me (seriously), but since the skirt doesn’t have much stretch or give, it didn’t follow my silhouette and ended up looking kind of boxy and (gasp!!!!) maybe even a touch matronly. Which is just NOT HAPPENING, friends.

So I let it collect dust. Was not about to ship it back or take a trip over to Uniqlo in Soho for a skirt that costs less than the cab ride there.

I also was still sort of hanging on to its potential.

I shared the dilemma with my boyfriend. And we decided we’d beat up this pure blue Japanese-inspired denim as best we could, not in hopes of ruining it but in hopes of salvaging it. And if it did get ruined in the process, ehhhhhhhhh, I’d be $17 poorer. (Which my boyfriend reminded me is typically the cost of the last drink I always order but never finish.)

2015-01-24 18.10.53

Chop, chop!!!

First I cut off a few inches so it would hit right above the knee at my narrowest point. That would showcase some curves!

2015-01-24 18.24.31

Next he bleached the lower half of it. He went to town with that bleach and it needed a few tries to actually make a dent in the denim. This took a few consecutive nights of bleaching, washing and drying.

2015-01-24 18.36.26

Finally we got it to where we wanted it color-wise and he finished the job with a razor, slicing and scratching some more areas for a rough-&-tumble lived-in feel.2015-01-26 18.57.48

And now, just in time for warmer weather, the skirt is everything I want it to be and more. [**cue the choir singing**]

2015-01-26 18.55.39

2015-01-26 18.58.31

Since we had the scissors, the bleach, the razor and the washer/dryer in our apartment, it was also at no additional cost. #SCORE

Cannot wait to wear it and share pics with my DIY Divas <3


Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

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