DIVA DOES… Debauchery Detox 101

DIVA DOES… Debauchery Detox 101

I recently worked with upcoming fitness model and fitness enthusiast Sarra Cooper Roth (who by the way is also a hot mom of two!) and we got to talking about this time of year and how it’s so hard to resist temptation. Sarra is a solutions type of girl and came back with a Debauchery Detox 101 plan for all those divas (cough, cough) who took it too far too many times in the spirit of the season.

Read on for her words of wisdom. Especially if you want to fit comfortably in your go-to jeans again. Or better yet, feel confident in much less…


Sarra Cooper Roth wearing SukiShufu sports bra. Photo by Stephania Stanley

I did it, you did it, she did it, he did it. We ate three too many of everything, and drank, (who can even remember how many) of whatever those things are called. Now we all feel disgusting. Welcome home from the Holidays people. Time to detox.


First things first, pick your 2016 goal.


Is this the year of booty shorts and sports bras to spin class – OR – are you content to rock ¾ lulu’s and a tee?


Those of you in the first camp, lets call you Group A – you’re hardcore gym sluts (like me).


Group B – way to be level headed and realistic!


But no matter your goal, or your ensemble, change is imminent.


So here’s the deal with detoxing. It’s kinda scary when you hear the list of rejected ingest-ables. The night before my first cleanse, I sat mourning the idea of not waking up to my concoction of coffee and chemicals. Already missing my english muffin breakfast as I fell asleep. But after just two weeks of an elimination diet, came the diet of elation. I felt enthused, energized, fogless, organized (ish), lean, and tight. Like, super tight.


Here’s how you can too.



Say adios to coffee (ouch), and alcohol (I know, stop crying). Remove wheat/gluten, sugar and dairy. Goodbye to fruits high in sugar like pineapple, melon, red apples, grapes, and bananas (but I cheated, cause giving up bananas is sadistic).



Get rid of the refined sugar. Which will lead to the removal of most gluten/wheat based foods by default. Don’t eat anything that comes out of a box, anything with an expiration date marked 2017, or anything you can’t pronounce. Focus on natural foods that come from the earth. Its pretty basic, but the results are not.


Stop licking your wounds; I come with New Years cheer! You don’t have to count a single calorie, and you get to eat as much grass-fed meat, chicken, free range eggs, fresh fish, avocado, green apples, berries, almonds, almond butter, quinoa, squash, veggies, and olive oil as you can stomach.


So in the spirit of cleansing, detoxing, revamping and restarting, celebrate that we are strong. So much stronger than we allow ourselves to see. We can do anything for just two weeks. Ditch the sugar and the oversized gym shirt, eat a green apple, put on some lip-gloss, and hit the ground RUNNING. — Sarra Cooper Roth

DIVAlicious-Debauchery-Detox-101-2570Sarra Cooper Roth wearing SukiShufu sports bra. Photo by Stephania Stanley

I don’t know about you guys but I’m a Group A girl when I have a big goal or special event in mind and a Group B girl… any other time. But for serious results, I totally get the Group A no-pain-no-gain dedication. I mean, I already have lipgloss on and I want to hit the ground running. I just wish I could have a glass of wine or two while I’m at it ;)

Sarra, aren’t there detox exceptions????


Sarra Cooper Roth wearing SukiShufu sports bra. Photo by Stephania Stanley


Sarra Cooper Roth wearing SukiShufu bandeau and signature legging. Photo by Stephania Stanley

Need more details on how to detox? Email sarrajroth@gmail.com. She’s happy to help you reach your goals! (Shall I repeat she’s a mother of two?! There are literally NO EXCUSES.)

Need added inspiration to not only eat right but also work out harder. I say get yourself some sexy gym gear. For this shoot and all the images here, shot by Stephania Stanley in Brooklyn NY, Sarra rocks Sukishufu. An English activewear brand we recently discovered and are OBSESSED with. The line is H-O-T #enfuego and guaranteed to motivate you to drip sweat at your next workout. Hell, it’ll motivate you to plan your next workout. Oh and you’ll also want to wear the luxury fitness apparel out and about after your sweat session. Shop the collection of sports bras, tube tops, tees, leggings and more RIGHT HERE.

With your detox diet, your amped-up fitness, your bombshell workout wear – make 2016 a year to invest in yourself. The returns are way worth it.


Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

NOTE: All photos are property of Stephania Stanley, Sarra Cooper Roth and DIVAlicious. Makeup by Lauren Cosenza. Hair by Jocelyn Marrero. This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Samples were provided for editorial consideration. 

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  1. Vanessa Lennon

    Love Love Love this post!!! And need to start this detox ASAP!!!

    Sarra looks AMAZING!!!

    • Lauren Cosenza

      Wait until you see the other shots of her!! You’ll be BEYOND inspired! I’ll post to social media in the upcoming week… xoLC

  2. Jamie Krug

    Wow, great diet and incredibly gorgeous model!! Hope to see her other places too! So inspiring that a mom of two can look like THAT!!

    • Lauren Cosenza

      Agreed!! I personally believe women can look incredible and beautiful at any shape or size but to see this level of dedication and also Sarra’s strength throwing around fitness equipment on set that I could hardly lift with two hands…. It’s totally inspiring and motivating for sure! And for those of us who did overdo it over the holidays and want to turn that around STAT, Sarra’s plans are great to kickstart clean living. xoLC