DUDES DISH: Casual Friday

DUDES DISH: Casual Friday

I know how hard it can be to keep it together on a Friday at work when the sun is shining and the weather is sweet.  The hours seem to drag on without an end in sight. Really 5 o’clock cannot come soon enough.

Instead of starting off the weekend with the proverbial glass half empty, take the opportunity to rock some Casual Friday style that may just take you right into many glasses overfull.

Your long lost friend from high school just sold his tech company and invited you on his yacht after work. Can’t be mad at it. Pull out a pair of top-siders, get through the day, then let your sails fly.

There is nothing like driving with the top down and the radio blaring as you head to the beach for a Friday night bonfire.  Roll up those sleeves and loosen up with a Slim Fit Linen by Banana Republic.

A late afternoon meeting just popped on your calendar, making it impossible to get home to change for the concert.  No problemo when you have a pair of grey Bowery jeans by John Varvatos on.  They look as good backstage as they do deskside.

Big deals warrant big rewards. A good place to start is with a spicy single-malt and an ever-elusive Cuban cigar on the waterfront. Top it off like a boss with the Rag & Bone Trilby Hat.

Corporate dress code mandates slacks and a blazer. You’re no suit. Swap out the Chuck Taylors for a more seasonally appropriate pair of these. Screw the system.

 -  Sr. Lettuce