DUDES DISH: Festival Swag

DUDES DISH: Festival Swag

Loud beats, hot sun, cold beer. Not much more to ask for.  So find yourself a local music festival this summer and dance your ass off.

And in the meantime, jot down these tips so you know what to wear. 

It’s not called the “stunner-shade effect” for nothing. People look cooler rocking a fresh pair of shades. My reco: go classic.

Comfortable footwear is mandatory. Throw your loafers to the back of the closet and pick up a pair of Rainbows. They have a lifetime guarantee, which is key because you’ll kind of want to live in them.

Festivals are not a place for plastic. No problem. Ballers carry stacks.  Keep yours in a Dunhill money clip.

My godbrother swears red jeans are the new thing. I must have missed the memo. But if there is any time to show some color, it’s at an outdoor festival. (And if there is any time to show some calf, it’s when it’s boiling hot – so pick up the shorts instead.)

A good festival has great energy and a kickass crowd. Go ahead and make friends.  Best way to start a conversation?  Pick up a Spread Shirt tank with… personality. But only if you don’t mind ending up all over the internet with other people in their photos.

-Sr. Lettuce

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