UNISEXXXY: Bottoms Up, Tops Down

UNISEXXXY: Bottoms Up, Tops Down

Guys. Gals.

#Unisexxxy fashion is all about owning your style, and recognizing that whoever you are, you are TOO CUTE TBOOT!

Well this Summer, nothing is more unisexxxy than tanks. We ALL wear them well.

To prove this look is gender neutral, wallet-friendly AND supremely chic, I challenged LDiva to another #fashionfaceoff. We took the same exact tank tops (same sizes, same styles) and with limited wardrobe and time, styled them for HIM and HER.

And as always, we made it a party.

Take a look.    

These all-around dress-it-up or dress-it-down striped and solid tanks can be found at the Tagg Store – on sale right now with prices ranging from $12 – $20! There are others available for a tad more, in the $30-40 range, but I prefer to shop deals…

To throw some extra sparkle to the mix, I popped by H&M and purchased a chartreuse lime tank from the female side of the store. LD and I are not only rocking the same “ladies” tank below, but also the same $10 H&M fold-up jade shades.


As you can see, from the men’s store to the women’s department, his way to her way — individual style knows no boundaries.

As you can also see, everything looks better when you’re having fun!

Bottoms up, tops down!

UNISEXXXY: universal beauty fashion design lifestyle

UNISEXXX: a label stripped of all labels.




  1. Lauren Cosenza

    thank you, paul, for conceptualizing this #unisexxxy challenge and for SUCH a fun fashion faceoff turned dance party turned slumber party!!

    cannot wait for what’s next for your column…


  2. 0bpl02uuy23l8

    LOL, this looks like sooo much fun! makes me want to run and buy some tank tops!!! 


  3. Lauren Cosenza

    better yet, andres, why don’t you participate in our next unisexxxy challenge?!? 


  4. 19ge0xsc5qp2r

    LOVE THIS!! What a great idea! And you both look so stylish and fun! Especially love the bright stripes and the lime green!!! Such a great idea to pair it with unisex shades too!! And the animated pics are super cute!!!

  5. 0bpl02uuy23l8

    I would LOVE to… as long as it does not involve dressing up in a sarong skirt! LOL

  6. Lauren Cosenza

    andres – marc jacobs just launched a collection with sephora that has unisex face products we could try… or a fall fashion challenge… or unisex nail art contest… what calls to you?!

    danielle – the fold-up shades are kind of brilliant for a girl’s clutch or a guy’s pocket… especially in summer when you go out needing sunglasses but stay out well past sundown.