DUDES DISH: The Cool Down

DUDES DISH: The Cool Down

I love summer. Just not the part with the intense heat and humidity. 

Don’t get me wrong, I would never trade a hot July day for a frigid February night – but there have to be better ways to beat the heat. Because there is nothing worse than leaving an air-conditioned apartment to sweat through your shirt on your commute to work. 

To avoid sitting in freshly salted clothes for 8 hrs, check out my weekly picks:


UNIQLO has changed the game when it comes to heat.  Their Airism line will keep you feeling cool and refreshed during the day. Quick-drying, anti-microbial, and anti-odor. #thankGODforSCIENCE

I know what you are thinking. Who carries a towel? What if I told you that towel would feel cool whenever you touched it. Even while cleaning up that brow sweat. Exactly. You’d carry a towel


Moisture is the essence of wetness… And water is the most crucial component to staying hydrated.  Pick up a reusable Klean Kanteen to make sure you always have a cool drink in hand.


Wherever you destination, the key is staying cool upon arrival.  There is no better way to do that than with the Dyson 10 Inch Air Multiplier.  Trust me when I say you will want one of these bad boys: sleek, stylish, and silent. 

-Sr. Lettuce

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  1. Señor Lechuga

    WOW. Yes I do believe the cooling hoodie might be the coolest thing out there.

  2. Lauren Cosenza

    Perfect post for this oppressive NYC day with a heat index of 110! 

    I clicked on the link to see about this cooling towel and found quite possibly the “coolest” thing ever… kind of can’t believe it didn’t make your cut:

    The cooling HOODIE.