I can say without question I am happier on the beach than anywhere else.

In the winter, it’s pretty tough to get people enthusiastic about going to the beach. Something about it being freezing – I really don’t understand the hesitation.  But in the summer, everyone wants to go to the beach. From an early-morning run to an evening surf session, it’s not hard to find people who want to join. And one of the greatest end-of-day activities is a beach bonfire.  Nothing beats a raging fire, some s’mores, and incredible company. 

Behold my beach bonfire essentials:

Depending on where you live, the temperature can drastically drop from day to night. Unless you want to smell like smoke for days, take my advice and leave your good coat at home.  Instead sport a Baja from Ron Jon and keep it cozy.

But just because you are having a bonfire doesn’t mean you leave all your swag at home.  Ignite right with a Dunhill Rollagas Lighter

As much as I love the crackle of a fire, no bonfire is complete without music.  Forget about your McIntosh system – and grab some speakers that aren’t afraid of a little sand or splash.

I can’t vouch for its utility but as far as style points go, nothing is… cooler than vintage.  Hit some local antique shops to pick out something worthy of keeping your beverages nice and chill (how everything at a bonfire should be).

If you’re drinking, don’t be drive’n.  Instead embrace the beach-town culture and get yourself a Sector 9. Surf the sidewalk to and from the party.

-Sr. Lettuce

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