DUDES DISH: Pick Pocket

DUDES DISH: Pick Pocket

You’re at yet another business event and what do you see?  A room full of black, gray and navy suits and their color-corresponding ties. Tough to stand out in a sea of suiting.

Or is it?

I’m not suggesting you go in attire that’s inappropriate or unprofessional. And if you like your job, I wouldn’t recommend streaking the place. But… you could add a splash to something more than your watered-down cocktail.

Quick trivia – what do Tony Montana, Don Draper, and John F. Kennedy all have in common?

Give up?

Pocket squares.

You are calculated, sophisticated, and not afraid of risk within reason.  Take a page out of Draper’s book… well, maybe not any page but this particular page… and pick up a nice linen to add a presidential pocket square to your suit.

 Before famously going out like the OG he was, Tony Montana chose to forgo the tie for the pocket square.  For a similar look, grab an Irish linen variety and go with a very exaggerated puff fold. And why not unbutton that shirt – you only live once. (Or as my parents’ car sticker actually says… #YOLO!)

Oh a pocket square isn’t manly enough, you say? Interesting. Who is considered one of the greatest wartime leaders of the last century, received the Nobel Prize in Literature, was the first Honorary Citizen to the US, and… oh yeah… rocked a pocket square? Winston Churchill. So why not follow Churchill’s lead with his Don’t Give a F#$% fold. Seriously, just stuff it in.

JFK chose a one-corner fold when he popped his pocket.  Yeah yeah – times change, style evolves — but never forget where it came from.  For a more current one-corner fold, try out a Turnbull & Asser and fold it into a winged puff pocket square.

Want to be a modern-day badasss? Course you do. Create a signature fold that’s true to your style. I personally like the silk knit square by MS & Co. and I fold that bad boy into three points. Wear it like a crown on my chest.

– Sr. Lettuce