DUDES DISH: Razor Sharp

DUDES DISH: Razor Sharp

Hold on. Fresh razors sent to my door for $1 a month?!?!

Not only am I spared the trip to the local super market, but five fresh, sharp razors are shipped to me for not $20 not $10 but $1 a month. [Note: shipping is a ridiculously low $2 for the basic offering and included in both upgrades.]

How F#*&ing great is that!!!!

After hearing about this “too good to be true” company I figured I would check out their website.

The first thing you see on the site is the edgy marketing video for the company.

Dave, the founder, starts out in front of a wall of crap that you would expect to find at a dollar parlor.  He then goes on to profess how great his razors and his company are.  To be honest there is not many great things you can get any more for a dollar, maybe a horrible cup of coffee or a late night slice of pizza, but definitely not razors.  After the video I was hooked – submitted my information and waited a few weeks for my first shipment.

A month later I opened my mailbox after a long day of work to find my first set.

At this point it is apparent that this Dave at Dollar Shave Company, if nothing more, is a brilliant marketer.  The package, like the site, is cleanly designed and proclaims “Shave Time. Shave Money.”

There is something about receiving packages in the mail that brings back the nostalgia of Christmas as a child.  And like a three year old, I ripped open the packaging excited to play with my new toy.

As a usual morning shaver, I broke tradition for this climatic moment, lathered my face, and put a fresh razor on the brand new handle (also included).

The result was everything The Dollar Shave club chalked it up to be – a great shave for a dollar.  Needless to say I will be continuing my subscription and recommending it to everyone.

Stay posted for LDiva’s weigh-in…

Is it made for a man, but strong enough for a woman??

¡Gozar La Vida!