DUDES DISH: Spring Fling

DUDES DISH: Spring Fling

Spring is in the air, and as temperatures rise it’s high time you assemble your spring “go-bag.”

These are the essentials you will need on any spur of the moment trip…

“Go-bag” requirement: Duality. It must be as sleek and stylish as it is unafraid of a little wear and tear.  You’ll want to grab and go with the Leather Gym Bag by Polo Ralph Lauren.

DSLR cameras take amazing pictures but can be both expensive and bulky to tote around. Particularly with all the lenses. While not the cheapest of the compact cameras (it will still run you over a grand), the Fujifilm X100s beautifully documents spontaneous moments – and doesn’t monopolize all your bag space. 

You know you’re looking good as you head out on the highway, looking for adventure. So you better have some damn good lookin’ aviators on to shade out the haters. Might I suggest a pair of Randoph Concords?

Batteries die.  Automatic watches tick on. So you can get lost in the moment but never lose track of time. Invest in the Panerai Luminor 1950, and clock in some action.

Everyone has a little rebel in them just waiting to be let out. And since you are long past the family road trips that consisted of fighting over the radio while stuffed in between luggage in the back of your mom’s minivan, it may be time to step up your game.  Rent the awe inspiring Ducati Monster 696 for a few days, and ride an Italian beauty. 

-Sr. Lettuce