UNISEXXXY: The Debut Post

UNISEXXXY: The Debut Post

How do you define sexy?

To me, sexy is self-confidence plus self-expression.

A unique style. A bold statement. A daring look.

Everyone has a mind of his or her own so why not own your style?

Why not redefine sexy??

This post will be the first in a recurring series where I highlight a product or style (whether it’s beauty, fashion, home, lifestyle, or otherwise) that I think is universally sexy or can be rocked in a universally sexy way.

Whether you’re a boy, a girl, short, tall, curvy, thin, just getting by or filthy rich… each item will have appeal that is nothing less than… UNISEXXXY.

Because style is not about price, not about label, not about stereotype. 

Style is an opportunity to color your aura, nurture your creativity and have fun.

To sparkle!

So without further adieu, my VERY FIRST UNISEXXX spotlight on products that will help you nail a first impression. Because as everyone knows, the first impression is the most important. 

Plain and simple, I suggest focusing on the key components the human eye tends to gravitate toward when you initially engage in conversation: Eyes, Lips, Hair.

Look at me when I’m talking to you… Look into my eyes.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat. My father once told me a conversation is full of content, but true depth is read through a person’s eyes. Use your eyes so your audience wants more. In an interview, on a date or a after a simple hello, build intrigue through your eyes. I call that fantaseyez. And this product will help you get it. An absolute must-have. A simple swipe of this YSL highlighting concealer pen is sure to brighten your whole face. The eyes are a person’s signature, no doubt! And they could use a little TLC. 

Lip service!  


Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. I am shocked when I talk to people and their lips are so chapped it looks like a reptile shedding its skin. It’s all I can stare at. Josie Grossie! I personally find Burt’s Bees to be the most cost effective and moisturizing lip balm (hey, it’s #1 for a reason) and I love that it comes in a variety of flavors! Regardless of your preference, always carry some lip care; it’s an essential! Now I can go back to staring into those eyes.

Break the Mold…

Hanz De Fuko Organic All-Natural Sponge Wax. A soft product to work through your hair and style as desired, with a natural-matte finish. No greasy film. No special shampoo to remove. Works best with short-medium hair styles. I’ve personally relied on Sponge Wax to polish a wide spectrum of styles from Mohawk to messy bed-head to crew cut. The experts at Hanz De Fuko mastered the definition of universal with this product for sure. Besides its flexibility and bold hold, it is blessed with an incredible scent. Simply D*Lish! 

These three simple products are everyday musts in my book…giving an insta-boost of confidence for all.

You never know…today may be the day you meet prince charming or the gorgeous girl next door…


UNISEXXXY: universal beauty fashion design lifestyle

UNISEXXX: a label stripped of all labels.