DUDES DISH: It’s All In The Rebound

DUDES DISH: It’s All In The Rebound

Remember the days when your parents would tell you they wished they could be kids again and all you wanted to do was grow up? 

I’m not saying that I want to be eleven again, with a mouth filled with metal and no idea how to speak to the opposite sex, but college with out any obligations on Friday would be nice.

Now that you have something called responsibility those Thursday nights that get out of hand, leading to Friday mornings spent with a splitting headache in front of a computer screen at work, can be crushing.

Thanks to modern-day science, who says you have to pay for your late night rage?

So you are your boys are planning to emulate The Hangover without the consequences.  Stick a Bytox patch on your wrist 45 minutes before you start drinking, and let the good times roll.

You just sat down for a tame dinner, ordered a beer, and your best friend decides everyone needs a round of shots. Aren’t the best times those that are not planned? Swallow a Party Smart with your first drink, and live without reservation.

Back at your place and the time looks like 3:303:30.  Reach into your fridge for a CodeBlue before you get those precious 2.5 hours of sleep. It aids with hydration and nutrient replenishment, even when you’re seeing double.

What’s that noise that sounds like a tsunami warning and why is your head throbbing?? Oh just your alarm clock? Dinner turned to drinks turned to a tiki party turned to late night turned into the state you are in now. But you can still drop a Blowfish in your water and say adios to what feels like impending death.

Wait, who said the party has to end? You have a few sick days left, right? Shake up your favorite poison with McClures Bloody Mary Mix and continue your path down the rabbit hole … work is for the man anyway. #keepupthegoodfight #cheerstothefreakinweekend

 -Sr. Lechuga