There’s nothing more attractive than a guy with a deep and pronounced sweat stain on his back? Said NOBODY ever. 

As the mercury in the thermometer continues to rise, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep clothes on. So in order to stay cool and look fresh (literally) during these impossibly hot summer months, I recommend putting your tailor-made shirts in storage and grabbing a tank.


It’s summertime. The time of year when fish lounge out while drinking beer, you take a ride on your party boat yacht, and there seems to be more hot women flocking to you than you know what to do with. Eh, ok, that might be a stretch- – but why not live out the fantasy via your tank.

Even high society knows it is hot as hell out. So while they may not agree with the 99%’s “tank” terminology, they agree it’s time to shed the sleeves.  If you are part of the 1%, grab yourself a fancy cotton “vest” and soak up that sun.  

You may own a couple of tanks without even knowing it. Basketball season maybe over, but that jersey from your losing team (unless by chance you’re a bandwagon Heat fan) still has a poolside purpose. Chalk that up as a win.

‘MERICA. Enough said.

There’s nothing worse than sitting around a bonfire while someone goes on and on about their “epic” lifestyle. Shut that down before it even begins without saying a word. This tank says it for you.

-Sr. Lettuce

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