With Father’s Day around the corner, it got me thinking part of being a positive male role model is having the ability to quickly and effectively solve problems.  When you are without a bottle opener; you find a fence.  When there isn’t enough closet space in your apartment; you build shelving.  When the person subletting your room puts a hole in the wall; you briefly consider knocking him out.  Then you patch it with plaster and drywall.

In this day and age of the smartphone, we all have the ability to appear as a jack-of-all-trades.  (As in, forget kindergarten, All I Really Need To Know I Learned on YouTube.)  However, there are certain times when even your iPhone falls short.  And unless you plan on lugging around a 20lb toolbox, here are some back-pocket mini must-haves to keep you both resourceful and nimble.

You might see something Dad will like too…

How many times have you stuck paperclips into your collar because you forgot collar stays?  Never again.  Pop out a couple of wood ones from Edward Charles & Co and stay classy.

A knife is the most useful tool known to man.  From securing a loose screw to peeling fruit to popping the lid on a can of paint, a credit card sized knife is essential.

You realize you left your keys inside your apartment right after slamming the door shut.  The solution?  Locksmith?  Wrong.  Get your James Bond on and open that deadbolt yourself with Zero Point’s credit card lock pick set.

Fire is man’s greatest discovery.  While Dupont and Calibri lighters are beautiful they are not always durable, or reliable.  Next time you are going to light the grill make sure you have a piece of flint on your keychain. 

Every man needs an ace up his sleeve.  Whether it is tying a Windsor Knot or drinking etiquette, The Gentleman’s Deck will (literally) give you the back-pocket edge in any situation. 

-Sr. Lettuce

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