Diva Dish: The Peekaboo Zipper Solution

Diva Dish: The Peekaboo Zipper Solution

Ever have a pair of jeans or jeggings that fits you PERFECTLY (no pulling, no cutting, no muffin top) yet still exposes the (usually glaring silver or gold) pull tab of the zipper?

This. Drives. Me. Crazy.

Even if it’s just a sliver showing. 

I either end up switching to a  top that covers it or tearing them off in hopes of finding another pair in my closet that won’t have the same problem. 

Now I’ve been known to fix scuffs in patent leather belts with nail polish and fill cracks in cork heels with nude eyeliner, so I put on my trusty DIY hat determined to find a solution.

Because there was no way I was parting with — or continuing to resent — my beloved Avedons. (Oh, ps, just the best jeggings out there ever.)

And viola!

I took a permanent Sharpie and ran it over the zipper’s teeth and pull tag (the under and over sides of the tag) several times and let dry.

Amazingly, the color didn’t transfer to my fingers and it didn’t budge for the night.

Now, it would be easy to repeat this process with each wear but I figured I’d see how long it might last. 

I either dry clean or use Dryel for my dark denim and, so far, the zipper solution has withstood 1 Dryel cleaning. Still jet black.

Now some people may… who knows… have oily fingertips, be aggressive with their zippers, not use enough marker? Another solution if you really love and want to invest in the jeans is just having the metallic zipper replaced with a darker one. A good tailor can easily do this for you. I have zippers put in, taken out, replaced all the time.

Or if you’re resourceful like me when I’m dead set on something, you may want to try other options. I’m dying to know how black nail polish would work. May have to report back on that one… :)

Feel free to share any of your random DIY beauty/fashion fixes. I say whatever works for the sake of style!