DIVA DISH: SuperGoop CC Cream. It’s Pretty Super.

DIVA DISH: SuperGoop CC Cream. It’s Pretty Super.

Earlier today my mom Rosy (30 years my senior and far more badass) posted a blog review on Supergoop CC Cream. Since I was sent a light-to-medium and a medium-to-dark sample to test, we decided to divide and conquer. So while she was slated for the actual writeup, we each got to try the product.

Now my mother is fair with lots of freckles and has drier skin. I have an olive complexion with some pesky sunspots and have normal/seasonally-oily skin. The fact that we both LOVED this product speaks to how amazing it is. So much so that I felt compelled to write a review as well.

Prior to Supergoop, Rosy had used only foundations and tinted moisturizers. No double-letter multi-tasking superproducts. And she felt Supergoop’s CC Cream was an incredible substitute for several steps of her face routine including coverage. 

I, on the other hand, have tried all sorts of BB and CC creams.  My favorite — surprising to some — is Garnier’s Skin Renew BB Cream. (Total drugstore-diva find!!) I love that is has a beautiful tint to it (I wear Medium/Deep) plus real intense moisture (I find that with other BB and CC products I still have to prep my face with my regular skincare routine which sort of defeats the purpose and several of their claims). The Garnier product leaves skin gorgeous and glowing and is perfect for running errands. 

When I first opened and squeezed a dime size amount of the Supergoop into my palm, I was kind of expecting the same – with more coverage.

Not. At. All.

It was so different yet so awesome in it’s own way that I was kind of stunned.

Here’s why:

– It’s not “goopy.” It’s actually creamy and applies evenly.

– It’s not dewy. It has a far more matte finish – perfect for summer when shine becomes a problem and makeup meltdown is always a risk.

– At the same time, it doesn’t feel drying, it’s very comfortable on skin.

– It is incredible under makeup as a mattifying primer. You can just layer face products over it for evening or for a fuller-coverage look.

– It contains broad-spectrum SPF35. (The Garnier has SPF15 and may others also have lower SPF. I prefer something higher for my face so I end up having to add that step when wearing other BBs and CCs.)  

– It contains mica which diffuses light and softens look of lines, wrinkles, pores. Um…… yes please!

– It contains 100% natural active ingredients and antioxidants to improve your skin over time while also instantly improving it’s appearance upon application. 

Now, it is a little pricier than some, ($32 versus the Garnier BB for example at $13) but for this type of finish plus the higher SPF I think it’s worth it. Especially since a pea size covers a full face.

One thing to note, though, is that the medium-to-dark shade is a touch light on me with a tan. Anyone with darker skin may not find it to be a color match despite the shade-adjusting formula.

Other than that, it’s the real deal. LOVE IT! It gets the mother-daughter #cozy kiss of approval.


(wearing Supergoop CC Cream & Maybelline Color Whisper in Cherry on top)

Note: This post is not sponsored. Samples were provided for review and/or for my use as a professional makeup artist.


  1. Michelle Weiss

    I’ll have to try this, as I’m a new Supergoop fan myself. Last year I tried their self-tanning sunscreen – it worked great (and even smelled pretty!)

  2. 0x1p0z5m3zd59

    I’ll have to try this, as I’m a new Supergoop fan myself. Last year I tried their self-tanning sunscreen – it worked great (and even smelled pretty!)

  3. Lauren Cosenza

    LOVING this brand. Going to try their eye cream next: SuperGoop SPF 37 Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream. They claim it’s “clinically proven to make skin look younger in just 4 weeks.” I’m a big freak about SPF around the eyes, which I think reveal the first signs of aging and are the hardest area to reverse damage.

    So basically I’m hoping to look 20 in about a month ;)


  4. 19ge0xsc5qp2r

    I am so interested to try this after reading this post… Which for this Estee Lauder brand loyal skincare user says a lot!! But out here in the desert I am always looking for extra SPF and extra moisture. Sounds like the CC cream might be good for me. Going to recommend it to my girls out here too. Thx for sharing all the great benefits! You totally sold me in trying it for myself!!

  5. Lauren Cosenza

    Definitely give it a try, D! It’s not super hydrating like the Garnier but it definitely feels good on the skin while also mattifying. Perfect for someone who doesn’t want shine, does wants some coverage and does need some SPF. XOLC

  6. 007vzsgdlljap

    Hi Lauren- I live for my MAC Prep & Prime Loose Finishing Powder! Would you say that Supergoop compares as a primer? I have been loyal to my DayWear Plus by EL and P&P by MAC for years…but I’m willing to give this product a try. 

  7. Lauren Cosenza

    Hey Jenai! 

    Are you looking for coverage as well? The DayWear Plus moisturizer will give you really nice supple skin and the Prep & Prime Powder cuts shine and minimizes the look of lines and flaws a bit. But they are translucent. For someone young or with great skin, this may be all you need.

    This particular CC cream gives great color coverage for a product that also has SPF 35 (and also cuts shine and minimizes imperfections and so on). It’s a great multi-tasker if you don’t have time or interest in a face routine that requires several steps. Or if you want something light for summer versus foundation.

    I would try it alone and also over the DayWear Plus. You would not need the MAC product with this. 

    Let me know if you get it. The brand is at Sephora so if this particular product is in stores maybe they’d give you a sample to try.