EM Cosmetics: Ro’s Gold Waterliner Review

EM Cosmetics: Ro’s Gold Waterliner Review

For the divas obsessed with the various beauty gurus on YouTube, you may have heard of Michelle Phan. As someone who has watched numerous YouTube videos for make-up tips (before Divalicious, of course), Michelle Phan had been one of my go-to gals. When I heard she had come out with her own cosmetic line, I had to check it out. Out of all her products, ranging from lipstick to primer – the waterliner caught my eye.

I never use liner on my waterline, but then again – this isn’t your ordinary waterliner, and it comes in a wide array of colors. I got the rose gold (called ro’s gold), a trend that I have been a HUGE fan of because really, rose gold is flattering on almost all skin tones!

The packaging is slim and sleek, and comes with a smudger (which doubles as a sharpener if you pull it off!) at one end of the eyeliner. The application is SUPER smooth, which makes it perfect for using on your waterline. My past experiences with lining my waterline have been watery, red, itchy eyes. My eyes can sometimes be sensitive, and I wear contact lenses, which is also a reason I avoid using product on my waterliner. However, I was happy to find that the EM Ro’s Gold Waterliner felt effortless and didn’t irritate my eyes at all.

My absolute favorite part about this liner is the color. When I first placed my order, I worried that the shade would come out different on my skin since I ordered online, but that wasn’t the case at all! There’s a great balance of color, and it wasn’t too peach or pink. The ro’s gold waterliner is perfect for brightening up your eyes, giving a subtle feminine sparkle. I’ve now added it into my everyday make-up regimen to freshen up my look. I tried applying it to my lash line, but it was not as flattering. In my opinion, this color is truly best on your waterline.

Another important factor to take note of is that it actually lasts long. The first time I tried it, I forgot I had it on (as I had expected it to rub off) until I caught a sparkle of it in the mirror. The liner lasted all day for me (a solid eight hours), and I didn’t feel the need to reapply since the effect I was going for was subtle.

The only downside to this liner is that it can be extremely fragile. Since the liner is so thin, it can break very easily and tends to fall back into the packaging easily.

Otherwise, EM Cosmetic’s Waterliner in Ro’s Gold is a double thumbs-up from me! I would totally suggest it if you’re a fan of rose gold and are looking for that extra something to brighten up your eyes.

– Melanie 


  1. Lauren Cosenza

    GORGE. Love rosegold everything. XOLC

  2. Jessica Angeles

    Waaait I love this! So pretty and different! <3

  3. Melanie Ngo

    Same! When I saw it came in rose gold, I HAD to try it. 

  4. Melanie Ngo

    Yes, girl! It’s seriously so subtle too, perfect for a minimal sparkle!