InternDIVA: Fashion Week Survival

InternDIVA: Fashion Week Survival

Whether you’re part of Fashion Week because you’re a makeup artist, a model, a stylist, a blogger, an editor – this time of the year can get undeniably stressful for all involved. At the end of the day, it’s all about making the most of the experience, but also being able to survive it all – which is where a proper preparation regimen comes in. 

Last Thursday, I stopped by The London NYC to learn tips and tricks from Woods & Co. on how to get through Fashion Week smoothly. I was introduced to eight different brands – ranging from cosmetics to skin care  to teeth whitening products to even feet-nourshing slippers!

Below you’ll find my TOP THREE, all of which I fell in love with and would totally purchase for myself…


I recently sparked an interest in organic products, so of course this line caught my eye instantly. Topganic is new to the market and is “the first haircare line to effectively combine natural oil, extracts and minerals from the Dead Sea”. What’s even more awesome about this brand is that there are three different lines that trigger specific hair concerns – (1) dry/colored hair, (2) damaged and split ends, and (3) thin/brittle color-treated hair. 

My personal match was the line that spoke to split ends, which delivers treatment using Baobab Oil from Africa.

Available at ULTA and Harmon.


If there’s one part of my body that I truly do neglect, it’s my feet. I’m a strong supporter of walking to places versus taking the subway/cab, so my feet probably get it the worst on a daily basis. So my true need to resolve that was brought out when I spotted Geluxury slippers. These babies are soft ballet-like slippers that have a SmartGel lining to hydrate and nourish your feet with an array of natural oils, such as avocado, canola, grape seed, soy bean and mineral oils. These slippers are also washing-machine friendly, and are recommended to be worn for 20-30 minutes at least twice a week. 

Although I have not yet purchased the product, I can totally testify for the SmartGel lining. After rubbing my fingers along the inside of the slipper, I felt the oil on my skin, which was also super moisturizing!

Available on the website.

Gerard Cosmetics – Brow Bar To Go

Although a growing beauty trend this NYFW is a step back from exaggerated and very filled-in eyebrows, I knew Gerard Cosmetic’s Brow Bar To Go was something I could toss in my everyday bag. As seen in the photo above, the mini brow palette is accompanied by a mirror, brow brush, and three easily-blendable shades – two of which are powders and one that is gel. Super portable and efficient for quick reapplications!

Available on the website.

So ladies, whether you attend the shows or not, don’t forget to equip yourself with a proper beauty routine before stepping out of your house! You won’t be sorry.



Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. All photos taken by me.