A menacing little rose-infused face mask.

A menacing little rose-infused face mask.

When I was asked if I wanted to try the Fresh Rose Face Mask, I was like, “totally” … sounds wonderful!

I could not wait to open the box when it arrived, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The container alone is stunning white glass, emblazoned with a delicate illustration of roses by artist Jo Ratcliffe to celebrate the product’s 15th birthday. I opened the jar right away and breathed in the beautiful and uncanny scent of rose that only real rose petals and rose water could produce.

So why was this beautiful jar so menacing? I placed it on my bathroom counter and said, “Tonight, I will take 10 minutes to myself, apply this mask and relax… take a little me time.” Every night, I would see the pretty jar on my counter and it would scream, “C’mon Claudia, 5 minutes, 10 minutes tops… you time baby!” I would quickly look away and finish brushing my teeth vigorously. This pattern when on for a while and then I had to relocate the jar to a drawer because I felt too stressed about not taking 5-10 minutes to relax with a beautifully smelling face mask. Summer turned to Fall and the little jar remained untouched and then I remembered, “Crap, I am supposed to review this product!”

I have reviewed other products that didn’t require taking any “me” time. I have tried lotions ‘n potions that I could slap on in auto-pilot, morning or night, but for whatever reason, a gorgeous product that could only make me a happier and more chill human being, was freaking me out. But not tonight… tonight I will have my 5-10 minute date with a certain Fresh Rose Face Mask. I will turn off my phone. I will put my phone on silent. Ok, I’ll try not to look at my phone and I will apply the rose and cucumber-infused gel generously, so as to make up for lost time and I will report to you what the outcome is.

(15 minutes later because I had to brush my teeth and tinkle)

I am so relaxed that I can barely write this. No, seriously, it was a lovely experience. The rosey gel was cooling, soothing and of course smelled like a gorgeous bunch of real roses. The mask contains many wonderful and natural ingredients, but the most notable are the roses, cucumber and aloe. I was going for the full 10 minutes, but my face began to tickle so I stopped at 7 minutes. After rinsing the mask off, drying my skin and applying my night moisturizer, my skin still feels very cool and refreshed.

Take that!!! … A little rosey outlook in a jar! I’ll see you tomorrow night for another 7 minutes of me time.

– Claudia Ossa Paradise

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  1. Suzanne Cosenza

    I love Fresh products! I will have to check this out!