Get Curltastic and Cruelty-free with Ouidad VitalCurl

Get Curltastic and Cruelty-free with Ouidad VitalCurl

I’m a bonafide curly girl. I love my curls, I care for them, and I treat them almost as delicately as I would a child. But, it wasn’t always this way. I had a serious love/hate relationship with my hair back in the day. I’d gel it down, blow-dry it to the consistency of straw, and ALWAYS use the 400 degree setting on my drugstore flatiron. It wasn’t until college that I truly embraced my curls. And when I went completely cruelty-free that I started really paying attention to the ingredients in my haircare products. Believe it or not, the harsh, animal-tested ingredients are awful for curls! So, when Ouidad sent me this amazing haircare kit, I knew I had to share!

Here’s what makes Ouidad the go-to for cruelty free curl care: they have four levels of curl care tailored for you! The levels are: loose, classic, tight, and kinky. The curl types come complete with pictures too, and you can shop by curl type which makes choosing products super simple. Because I have classic curls, I received a shampoo, conditioner, and two styling products from the Ouidad VitalCurl collection. I kept everything else about my hair routine the same (wash frequency for example), and I was truly impressed!


Vitalcurl Clear & Gentle Shampoo: This shampoo is gentle, lathers nicely, and left my hair feeling shiny and smooth! In addition to being curly and thick, my hair is also colored which this shampoo is safe for. It has a clean, fresh scent that reminds me of a hair salon, too. I’m a big fan of light, clean scents. This shampoo also did not strip away my color or my natural oils from my hair. Some shampoos are really harsh and you can feel the effects immediately. This one was effective and gentle. I washed my hair every third day! ($18-$50)

Vitalcurl Balancing Rinse Conditioner: This conditioner is bae. Haha! But seriously, this has a apple-licious scent and left my hair so happy! It’s packed with wheat proteins to help balance and define curls. I left this one for a few minutes in the shower and what a difference that made (as opposed to washing it out quickly). I followed the directions one day and used a comb to comb through the product in the shower and it made styling and managing my hair later on much easier. This conditioner, like the shampoo feels super light when you put it on. But don’t think it’s not working! It’s doing some heavy duty curl moisturizing. ($20-$50)

Tress Effects Styling Gel: Let me start by saying I am not  a gel user. I’m a cream or mousse girl. This gel kept frizz under wraps and smelled like cinnamon and fall thanks to the Pro-Vitamin B5 and Clove Oil. This defined, shined, and felt as if it strengthened my hair with minimal crunch. However, I STILL got the crunch factor that gels always tend to give my hair. I used less than I thought and mixed it with my regular keratin after-shower treatment to get the look I wanted. ($26-70)

Vitalcurl Define & Shine Styling Cream: LOVE! This is what this cream is made of. And it also has moisture locking defining power to beat the band. This styling cream was my jam for the past few weeks. I used this on wet hair and my curls were soft, smooth, and anything but frizzy…even on the humid early fall days we’ve had so far. Soybean and vegetable proteins make this cream strengthen as it promotes definition. Because some of my curls are tight and some are a little “lazier” this cream encouraged all of my curls to perk up nicely. ($26)

– Christine

Author’s note: The products mentioned in this post were provided to me by a representative of the company. I have not been compensated in any way, and all aforementioned opinions are honest and my own. 


  1. Suzanne

    Last summer, I got an American Wave done in my hair. It was my first experience with curls and only used Ouidad products! Nothing else worked nearly as well….and I tried almost every curl product out there. The Ouidad Double Detangler Comb is also the best!

    • Lauren Cosenza

      What’s an American Wave?? Do tell!! xoLC

  2. Christine

    I’ll definitely have to give the detangler comb a try!