Get Fit For the Holiday Season

Get Fit For the Holiday Season

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s prime time for coming up with that annual New Year’s Resolutions list. But why wait until December or January to tackle those goals?

Why not get a head start prior to your Thanksgiving feast?

When I first heard of the Insane Home Fat Loss Workout, I was intrigued because it seemed like an ideal program for anyone with a busy schedule and needed step-by-step guidance. The program was developed by Mike Chang, certified personal trainer, creator of Six Pack Shortcuts and popular YouTuber.

Here are some quick details:

  • It’s $97 for the full program (recommendation is 3 days per week for 60 days).
  • There is an app capability, making it easy to watch the workout videos from anywhere.
  • The regimen focuses on the afterburn effect (burning calories post-workout).
  • No equipment is required.

Video Overview:

  • Day 1: The Wake-Up Call (Fit Test)
  • Day 2: The Fatal Assassin: Chest/Back/Core
  • Day 3: Maximum After-Burn: Legs/Core
  • Day 4: The Super Hero: Shoulders/Triceps/Core
  • Day 5: The Fat Destroyer: Abs/Core/Cardio
  • Day 6: Upper Body Blaster: Chest/Back/Delts
  • Day 7: The Knock Out: Legs/Core
  • Day 8: The Kamikaze: Delts/Triceps/Core
  • Day 9: Cores Galore

By the time I found out about this program, I was already following a consistent regimen with fitness classes and personal training sessions with my boyfriend, so it made sense to only incorporate parts of the Insane Home Fat Loss workout into my existing routine that I was otherwise missing and most interested in testing. I should also mention that “fat loss” wasn’t my end goal going into this, rather, I was more interested in exercising to live a healthier lifestyle, relieve stress and boost stamina.

Here are my top four exercise picks from the Insane Home Fat Loss videos, which I generally applied to days that I wasn’t lifting weights, or added onto the beginning or end of a workout for a burst of cardio.

*Note: Each day includes a warm-up that consists of jogging in place, jumping jacks and high knees.



Double Pump Squat

This exercise is part of the program’s Day 3 leg and core routine. I incorporated it into my legs day workout to add a cardio element to my weight training. This exercise is definitely more challenging than the basic squat and the after effects almost always required me to take a rest day the following day!

The benefits:

  • It activates multiple muscle groups (hamstrings, glutes and quads).
  • It gets your heart rate up.
  • The explosive movement definitely makes you feel the burn.



Yoga Plank Glute Raise

The yoga plank glute raise is part of the Day 5 routine that targets abs, core and cardio. Since I already practice yoga and enjoy the poses, this exercise became a part of my abs day workout. In fact, the Day 5 routine is one that I would do from start to finish if I didn’t have time to hit the gym and use weights.

The benefits:

  • You’ll feel your core working the entire time, increasing stability.
  • The static exercise forces you to focus on your posture and balance.
  • Again, muscles will burn.



Towel Sit-Ups

Sit-ups are also a part of Day 5’s core workout. I wanted to highlight this exercise because most of us are already familiar with it, but it’s also easy to do it incorrectly. And who doesn’t want to improve technique?

The benefits:

  • Prior to this program, I often practiced sit-ups with my arms crossed over my chest. I now prefer towel sit-ups because holding the towel helped me to prevent swinging my arms and using momentum to “cheat” the exercise.
  • It engages your abdominal muscles.



Back Lunges

Back lunges are part of Day 7’s core and leg day. This is a great exercise if you’re working out from home or in a small space. You can simply switch from right to left lunges while standing in one spot. In the past, I have done lunges across a long studio room, but this version is a notable alternative that provides the same impact.

The benefits:

  • Multiple muscle groups are being activated.
  • It increases balance and stability.


All in all, this is a good program to try if you’re either a beginner or want to follow a single regimen with step-by-step videos that are already mapped out for you. In my case, these high-intensity cardio and body weight workouts were used to supplement my weight training and fitness classes, which helped me build endurance. The videos are a compilation of basic exercises, but formulated to really get your heart racing and ultimately burn calories.

Prepare for many sore days ahead! It’s never too early or too late to get into ship shape for the holidays :)

— Michelle

NOTE: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Workout was provided for editorial consideration.

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  1. Lauren Cosenza

    Looking good, Michelle!! I’m halfway through a 30-day at-home ab challenge and it’s so hard. But I do think come the NY winter that awaits us, we’ll all be happy to be able to get our fitness on at home! xoLC