InternDiva: How to Keep Your Makeup Clean

InternDiva: How to Keep Your Makeup Clean

As Divas our makeup is very precious to us. We buy the best products, place them in special cases and display them in decorative holders, but how often are we cleaning our makeup and beauty tools? Maybe every few months, once a month— or not at all. We are often on high alert for bacteria everywhere else except for on the tools and products we are applying on our faces on a daily basis. Let’s just say while researching this topic I now want to throw out all of my makeup even though I try my best to keep it clean. If you’ve been neglecting your makeup and/or brushes and want to start giving them a little more TLC, read on for some quick and inexpensive solutions to keep your makeup in top shape!

Let’s start with brushes! Brushes should be washed once a week. You can use baby shampoo, antibacterial soap or brush shampoo to wash your brushes. 

Add a small amount of your brush cleanser into the palm of your hand. Add some water and begin rubbing your brush back and forth into the product. 

Continue to wash your brush until it is completely clean. Then gently squeeze out any excess water and lay the brush down on a clean paper towel to dry.

Using an antibacterial spray is a great way to clean your brushes in between washes. This is an inexpensive one from Bh Cosmetics.Here’s my dirty brush before using the brush spray to clean it. 

Spray some of the product onto a clean paper tower. 1-2 sprays should be good. Then brush your makeup brush along the paper towel until there is no trace of makeup on the brush. Repeat with a fresh paper towel if necessary (if the brush is still producing product on the towel).

Now my brush is clean and ready for my next makeup application!

Alcohol pads or wipes  are a great way to clean and sanitize lipsticks and solid cream products (like cream blush or eyeshadow). These can easily be purchased online.

Use the pad to wipe down your lipsticks.

Another method is using actual alcohol (well, not actual alcohol, but the first aid kind— it’s not that kind of party!). Pour the liquid alcohol  into a small bowl, dip the lipstick in and then wipe it down with tissue.

Lightly spraying your compact products with alcohol and then wiping them down with tissue can also help to kill bacteria.

If you go with this method make sure the alcohol is 99%. This  is most effective at sanitizing. 

Cleaning your makeup and beauty tools doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive! I know sometimes we get lazy but whatever the case, just do it! You will be saving yourself a lot of trouble and it really helps in prolonging the life of your makeup brushes. 

See you soon divas!

— Trish 

Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. All photos are my own.