InternDIVA: Avocado Oil for Your Face

InternDIVA: Avocado Oil for Your Face

What seemed like the longest winter in the history of New York has finally come to an end – and I barely survived it. Every year, I dread the cold months because my skin goes through all sorts of shenanigans, such as rashes, eczema, and worst of all, extremely dry (and sometimes flaky) skin. On top of that my skin is sensitive, so finding the right moisturizer has truly been a struggle. 

This past winter, I experienced an excessively dry face once again, which made me look like I had a lot more wrinkles than any 20-year old diva should have. I refused to buy anything over $30, and I was really looking for something basic, more organic and with very few ingredients to avoid any irritation or redness. At the same time of my annual hunt for the perfect moisturizer, there was one product that unexpectedly saved the day. 

Thanks to the beauty gods, Naturally Susan’s Avocado Lavender Salve was sent to me as my cure. Handmade, all-natural, antioxidant/anti-aging, and made from avocados (yum!) – I was instantly sold! Available in two sizes, a mini (.30oz) and a regular (1.8oz), I purchased the mini to test the waters.

One of the great things about oils in general, whether it’s olive oil, coconut oil, etc., is that you don’t need a handful to cover an entire area. In fact with the Avocado Lavender Salve, a serving the size of the tip of my index finger is really all that was needed to cover my whole face (as seen in the photo above). Surprisingly, a .30oz jar (think of a lip gloss jar) has lasted me a month and a few days!

What I LOVE about this product is that it’s a super multi-tasker; it can be used as a day/night moisturizer, lip balm, hand cream, elbow and heel softener, whatever! Made from avocado oils and lavender essential oils (for an aromatherapeutic scent), this salve is jam-packed with vitamins A, E, and B that all aim to moisturize dry skin everywhere as well as antioxidants to assist with anti-aging. Personally, I use this on my face both day and night, especially since it leaves a natural dewy glow versus it being too oily. Such a great moisturizing base before applying foundation, too!

Naturally Susan’s is devoted to an eco-friendly promise, so the glass packaging is easily reusable. For $4.50, I definitely think I got a bang out my buck, and more! I’m determined to upgrade to the regular 1.8oz size ($31), and plan on recycling my current salve jar for my diva-on-the-go self.

So if you’re suffering from #dryskinprobz like me, go all-natural with the Avocado Lavender Salve!




  1. 19ge0xsc5qp2r

    Love this! I live in the desert (Vegas) and actually use coconut oil from trader joe’s food aisle as my body moisturizer. I will have to try this avocado moisturizer as an extra layer on my face in the summer and winter. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Jessica Angeles

    Hi Danielle,

    I love TJ’s coconut oil (I use primarily for hair), and it’s pretty cheap in comparison to other brands! But yes, I def recommend this – I do find it a lot less oily than coco oil, which is a huge plus when applying to skin.