InternDIVA: Bionova Bioactive Cleanser for Oily Summer Skin

InternDIVA: Bionova Bioactive Cleanser for Oily Summer Skin

After surviving one of THE most painful winters, I’m thrilled to say the sun is finally shining in New York! While I’m more than happy to be soaking up some Vitamin D, the one downfall that comes with warm weather — at least for me — is FACIAL GREASE.

Oily skin is typically not my problem — however, during the warmer (read: swampy) Spring/Summer months, my face tends to develop some unpleasant shine. Not only does oily skin have the ability to result in a broken-out complexion, but it also has a heavy, somewhat filthy feeling. Looking as if I had painted my face with a layer of butter (yikes), I knew it was time for some necessary change.

BIONOVA Bioactive Cleanser for Oily Skin will without a doubt help me to eliminate that excess shine this time of year!

BIONOVA Cleansers are from the BIO 1 ACT Line – the universal non-customized collection. Each cleanser has a unique combination of ingredients that allows it to have cleaning properties as well as multiple treatment benefits for varying skin types that also restore skin from daily stresses.

I decided to test out the Cleanser for Oily Skin for DIVAlicious. While I do have acne-prone skin, the oil my skin produces during this time of year does result in blemishes. Why not kill two birds with one stone?


(cleanser drying prior to shower)

Before showering, I applied 3 pumps to my faced and allowed it to dry 3-4 minutes before rinsing off. Though this formula feels super light on my skin, it is definitely powerful. The Cleanser helped to remove the make-up and traces of impurities from my face. Additionally, this Cleanser also helps to lower hyper-activity of sebum by balancing the skin’s natural oil production.

My skin felt thoroughly cleansed after stepping out of the shower. There were no traces of excess oil, yet my skin did not feel any sort of discomfort or excess dry-ness. When using oil control products in the past, my skin became too dry, resulting in a chapped-like affect — AKA, no bueno!!


(skin after shower)

I have continued to use this cleanser both morning and evening. My face feels suuuuuper soft — the Cleanser has helped to repair my skin’s density, along with any impurities. These Bionova Cleansers retail at Barney’s NY Madison Ave, and are also available online at

For those of you who are over that dreaded grease, BIONOVA does some #serious justice!



Note: This post is not sponsored. Products were provided for review. All thoughts are unbiased and my own.