DIVA DISH: The glowiest facial ever

DIVA DISH: The glowiest facial ever



I recently had the opportunity (read: JOY) of testing the new Instant Lift Bar at LING spa in New York City.

The Instant Lift Bar provides a walk-in service called LING Energy Lift for men and women looking to lift and rejuvenate their skin in but a few minutes. The treatment is quick, safe, and pain-free. In just 30 minutes and for only $50 ($40 for first-timers), you will see results. Which is kind of pretty awesome.




LING Energy LIFT starts with the Purifying Facial Cleanser and Replenishing Hydrator. Then a serum cocktail is mixed up before your eyes by a skincare specialist who analyzes your skin and discusses your concerns with you. Following the serum is the DNA moisturizer. All of this is applied through facial massage which feels like heaven on earth. To help all the amazing LING ingredients penetrate and to seal them into the skin plus aid in lifting both your skin and mood, the treatment concludes with the tourmaline gemstone device that transmits far infrared rays (FIR) into the deep tissues of the skin. This “stimulates elastic and collagen regeneration.” FIR energy also “increases blood circulation to the face to purify impurities and stimulate lymphatic drainage, leaving the skin glowing and clearr. FIR energy firms facial contour and muscles, providing an instant lifting action.”

Sounds good to me. #todobueno



In a word: You.

The service is for any skin type or condition, be it young, old, male, female, uneven, splotchy, dehydrated, problematic or otherwise. It is fine if you are pregnant or have sensitive skin as well.

According to Morgan Fox, the LING skincare specialist who performed my service, Energy Lift is also “perfect for during your lunch break, or if you’re on-the-go and really busy, or have a specific event coming up. It instantly lifts your face without having to use Botox or go to a dermatologist.” Fox advises a 2x/week regimen at first to get your desired result, then occasional pop-ins as needed for maintenance.





Since the LING Instant Lift Bar is front and center in the spa’s storefront, you are given a hairnet and remain in your clothing and out on the sales floor. I initially thought this would bother me because I would see distractions or hear noise or just not have privacy. Not the case. You are so zen during the service you may even momentarily forget where you are. It is mentally transporting.


The device is made of a tourmaline gemstone, which Fox notes is said to be the most magical healing gemstone in the world (and some research I did after my appointment also strongly supports its detoxifying properties). The device, which feels like a hot stone in a hot stone massage, is glided over the face and neck with acupressure emphasis above the eyebrow, at the temples, over the cheeks and along the jawline. Basically, all the places you want to lift. The device is set at 110 degrees which Fox mentions is the perfect setting to be effective yet not uncomfortable.

FIR has the same frequency as your body’s natural energy, also referred to as “CHI”, and it both detoxifies and relaxes simultaneously.



I wanted this treatment to never end. Mostly because I had to be roused from near-slumber. I seriously almost fell asleep at several points and found myself totally and completely relaxed – and that’s after a packed day with lots of my mind. That alone is worth going back for.

I felt amazing during the service and after. So soooo good. Seriously, it’s a mood alterer. You can walk in tense from your day and the city itself, and walk out blissful. True story. I know because it happened to me.

And I saw a true glow to my skin that was immediate and remarkable. With just a single treatment, there was a clear change in my skin. I can only imagine how it would look after a series. I thought the clearness and luminosity of my skin was most obvious and the smoothing of fine lines. I did see some lift and added definition but I think I’d need to go more often for major lift and contouring.

Even though the device was set at a high temperature, there was also no redness post-treatment. Just a touch of pinkness on my cheeks which I welcomed. My boyfriend (now, fiancé!) and one of my best friends met me after at the spa and I threw on the lightest of makeup touchups and was ready in a snap for drinks nearby at Raines Law Room. Both boys, I might add, remarked about how glowy I looked. And this was after the skincare was fully patted in and I had that bit of makeup on.

Now I am a diva and I’m not going to lie – I like some pampering. So not having a private room and a big plush robe and at least an hour of personal doting initially seemed like cons. But they are all really pros too. You don’t have to go down to a locker room, take off your clothes, wait for a technician, block out lots of time or spend lots of money. You can still purchase any/all the products used for at-home use and maintenance. And best of all, you can even have a LING skincare specialist travel to you and host a party with friends.

Bottom line: I fully recommend getting lifted at LING.


Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

NOTE: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Service was provided for review. All photos are property of DIVAlicious.

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