DIVA DISH: Tribe Tats, A Party Pleaser for All

DIVA DISH: Tribe Tats, A Party Pleaser for All

So I got to work on a project and see my parents down in sunny Florida not long ago. Not too shabby. And while there, I tested this new temporary tattoo brand.

You may recall this instagram post:

ran away and joined a #tribe…🔑 #instatatt #runaway #tribe

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These tats are so much fun and ahhh-mazing for a pool party or a music festival or just… you know… living. Not only are they show-stopping conversation pieces in the form of metallic body art but also, they come pre-perforated. Hallelujah! You don’t need scissors! They also include super-chic rosegold in addition to silver and gold. They wear well for 4-6 days if you don’t use tons of body lotion or oily sunscreen, and longer if your skin is on the drier side. Then they come off with a simple swipe of rubbing alcohol or baby oil. Perfectomundo.

Tribe Tats sell for $24-28 for 4 sheets filled with designs. The creator of the brand, Degelis, told me that the designs are meant to compliment your own jewelry. And when they arrived for testing, I could attest that they definitely do. But another thing I love about them is if you want to travel light and worry-free, you can leave your real jewelry at home. 

As you may have seen, my mom Rosie also got in on the Tribe action. At 65+, she was ALL ABOUT THEM and rocked her statement necklace for well over a week, in perfect condition I might add.Tribe-Tats-DIVAlicious-3

I asked Rosie to share her thoughts on them. Turns out she had lots to say…

When you first showed me the kit, I was definitely apprehensive, but I always trust your judgment.  You applied that necklace and voila, I was hooked!!!  I wore it for over a week.  I went to the pool and my friends thought it was so cool.  I went to the dentist and the receptionists and nurses went wild asking me where I bought them.  After, I easily removed it with baby oil.  

Since you left me the kit, I began trying out the different styles on my friends.  They had seen my necklace and were curious.  I told them how to remove the tattoos if they were not happy. Diane, Lucille, and Norma had so much fun picking out which tattoos they wanted to wear.  I quickly applied the tattoos using the simple directions and the ladies were delighted with the results. They received compliments galore!

I will take them on my next trip so I don’t have to worry about expensive jewelry! I can go swimming and dining with my Tribe Tats. The tattoos are awesome by the pool. They are a  perfect, pretty and worry-free way to accessorize while sunbathing!

I never thought I would wear a tattoo!  People have been asking us where we got them.  I send them the link. The whole experience ended up being such a hit. I got so many compliments I couldn’t believe it. I’m definitely buying more of these metallic tattoos to rock over the summer. Thank you for introducing us to such a cool and youthful accessory!!

Well said, Rosiecruise!

And, of course, upon hearing this feedback I asked (read: begged) for photos of the Boca Babes rockin’ their tats.

Again, Rosie delivered.

Tribe-Tats-DIVAlicious-8Tribe-Tats-DIVAlicious-9 Tribe-Tats-DIVAlicious-10


Her friend Diane noted, “You can never get enough sparkle in your life.” Who am I to argue?

Lucille added, “Great beach accessory!!  So lightweight and sparkly!!” I need to hang out with these women more.

And best of all may be Norma who, at 80 years young, went for a mix & match custom-made statement necklace. And killed it!


“This necklace makes me feel so pretty and young.  I don’t want to take it off”.


Norma puts my own custom creation to shame, snapped at a party by my now-fiancé in the most unflattering angle known to photography ever. (Thanks, babe.)



Anyhoooooooo, the verdict, in case you somehow missed it:




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  1. Rosie

    Boca Babes! Are you ready for your next assignment?!

    • Lauren Cosenza

      Love it! I can send you more goodies to test if you’d like! But we’ll need more photos just like these. Let me know if the Boca Babes are in… xoLC

  2. Aunt Teresa

    Love the tattoos. Have to try them this summer!!!

  3. Mark

    These look pretty cool. Any for men?

  4. Lauren Cosenza

    I will bring some to RVC, Aunt Teresa. They are supercute. Yes, Mark, there are tons of unisex styles. I gave a bunch to Paul for Unisexxxy testing :) xoLC