UNISEXXXY: Why Men (and Women) Need Foot Facials

UNISEXXXY: Why Men (and Women) Need Foot Facials

After my head was tingling (with a hairgasm), I was eager to spread the luxury. Why not take it from head… to feet?

YES!  That’s right. My tootsies got a little lovin’…. and LOVED it!

Enter the Dr. Suzanne Levine Foot Facial product line offered at the Julien Farel salon where I was recently treated to a complimentary pedicure service called the Foot Facial®.  Let me just say, while I know many men are hesitant to get a “pedicure” — even before summer — a “foot facial” using Dr. Levine’s products is a MUST for guys and girls alike!

1What’s involved you inquire??

(And please note, you can purchase these products for a little DIY action too.)

  1. Debris and any nail polish are removed with non-acetone products to prevent the nails from drying out.
  2. Foot Humectant is applied to soften toenails and gently push cuticles back.
  3. Toenail Softener and Brightener is applied and nails are trimmed. The sides of the nail are not cut to avoid ingrown toenails.UNISEXXXY_Paul Christopher_DIVAlicious Foot Facial 2
  4. Using a circular motion, Glycolic Moisturizing Crème is applied. Pressure in the foot’s center is used to relieve tension and release stress.
  5. Green Tea Cleanser is used on feet if they are swollen (or if they stank), otherwise Glycolic Moisturizing Cleanser is used for normal feet.
  6. The Thermal Exfoliating Foot Scrub is massaged into the balls of the feet to the tips of the toes with extra attention to callused areas.
  7. Clay Mint Mask is spread over each foot. The 5-minute set aids in callus softening and reduction plus eliminates bacteria and fungus formation.
    UNISEXXXY_Paul Christopher_DIVAlicious Foot Facial 3
  8. Any calluses are gently removed with a sterile sander, with focus on the ball of the heel.
  9. Glycolic Pads are used to wipe down each foot to soften calluses, with a recommendation of continued daily use at home for best results.
  10. Glycolic Foot Crème is applied using a circular motion. The crème helps reduce calluses and dry skin and promotes collagen.

UNISEXXXY_Paul Christopher_DIVAlicious Foot Facial 4

In between steps, products were thoroughly rinsed with a warm towel. Heavenly.

UNISEXXXY_Paul Christopher_DIVAlicious Foot Facial 6

Now that’s givin’ good foot! Thank you Oksana Shenker for providing such a stellar service.

“The Foot Facial® treatment is part of Dr. Levine’s ‘Head To Toe’ philosophy.  Get pampered, hydrate, moisturize, exfoliate and restore your skin’s youthful elasticity.”

To me, living is all about the experience. And so I will be sure to give the full body some action on a Sunday SpaDay, tootsies included! Whether you are a man or a woman, why not embrace the beauty of being groomed and pampered. Channel your inner #DIVA.

THE UNISEXXX® BRAND: a label stripped of all labels

UNISEXXXY: universal beauty fashion design lifestyle



NOTE: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Photos are property of DIVAlicious. Service was provided for review/consideration.

UNISEXXXY_Paul Christopher_DIVAlicious Foot Facial 5

1 Comment

  1. Lauren Cosenza

    LOVE IT. This is so necessary for so many of the men in my life!!! Thankfully all my ladies and my now FIANCÉ have fabulous and groomed feet :) xoLC


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