UNISEXXXY: I had a Hairgasm

UNISEXXXY: I had a Hairgasm

PG-rated. But my head felt XXX. Total #hairgasm.

A UNISEXXXY Spotlight on Julien Farel’s salon services and product line, which infuses a holistic approach to technology and innovation. Because anti-aging is no longer just for your skin.


Mirror, Mirror. What is my hair craving? Shampoo? Conditioner? Or Restore?

JF Restore ($36) is an “all-in-one anti-aging formula that cleanses, treats and conditions hair in asingle, simple step.”

Perfect for girls and guys on the go.

What are some benefits, you ask?

  • Hydratation: For all hair types, Reinforces its already balanced state.
  • Replenishment: For colored, treated and processed hair. Inject that which it’s been stripped of. Vitamins B, C, E.
  • De-Frizzing: For thicker, coarse and heavier hair. A mane tamer with key oils.

Advanced stylist, Elizabeth Mergler, suggests applying the product to dry hair, when its most absorbent, for improved chemistry and better results. Massage into the scalp. Then add water to emulsify. And massage some more.

Once rinsed and towel-dried, it’s time for…


Magnifique Fortifying Serum ($95) is a “revolutionary anti-aging hair serum formulated with cutting edge technology to delay the graying process. Powered by the Julien Farel Hexapeptide, Magnifique stimulates the pigmentation process by boosting melanin levels to slow the graying of hair and improves hair’s youthful texture and appearance.”


To apply, use the dropper to coat the hairline first, then make your way down the scalp.

No alcohol. No stripping. Comprised of natural oils and key ingredients: Hyaluronic acid. Echinacea. Edelweiss stem cell extracts. Together they seek out what’s missing. And counteract your hair’s weaknesses, balancing its pH to a healthy level.

How’s that for a Before & After.

These are two gems that will most definitely be added to my beauty regimen.

As Julien says, “you can’t stop aging, but you can help slow down the process.” As a conscious individual, I am aware protection and early prevention is the key to maintaining health and beauty.

So treat yourself to the product, pleasure yourself with the experience, invest in yourself with the benefits.

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