DIVAbride: Zapped, I tested Microcurrent Myolift Facial

DIVAbride: Zapped, I tested Microcurrent Myolift Facial

I got zapped and I’d do it again.

The things we do for beauty.

But this time it didn’t sting like vitamin c serums after microneedling or squeeze like hours in a waist-training corset, This time, in fact, it didn’t cause any discomfort at all.

Instead it left me with a tighter jawline, more prominent cheekbones and a calm, relaxed disposition.

It also left me wondering how exactly microcurrent facials really work, even though the medical esthetician, Paula Genna, had just explained each step of this one as she performed a complimentary session on me at Tres Belle Spa in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.

PS, Refinery 29 calls the place “our go-to Brooklyn spa.” And if it’s good enough for R29… well, enough said.

Let’s review the process…

Microcurrent Myolift uses two simultaneous but separate channels to deliver two beauty and wellness treatments at once.

It starts with the esthetician adhering a patch with the negative frequency.

The positive energy is manually handled and administered via a special gold probe that she gently runs all over the neck and face to lift and sculpt.

Meanwhile, ears are clipped with these guys to provide ” alpha/theta state of mind, which is a cranial electro-stimulation for stress reduction, anxiety , deep relaxation and endorphin release.”

Translation: you’ll instantly chill out. Something that’s nearly impossible for me but did indeed happen.

Makeup is then removed for a clean, smooth canvas to run the positive energy rod over, and a proprietary botanical serum is applied that assists with the microcurrent wave conducting in the pre-treatment phase.

Next is the actual treatment phase, which mimics pre-treatment but at a higher energy level and using a heavier cream.

In both treatment and pre-treatment, a smaller probe is swapped in for the eye area to reduce puffiness and the appearance of fine lines.

The post-treatment consists of its own unique serum plus an additional facial massage and the removal of all creams/gels to reveal clean, smooth, tighter, lifted skin.

While you do feel “energy activity” throughout — my own phrase which will only make sense when you feel it — the entire treatment is peaceful and painless.

After a single treatment, with only the minimal remains of some eyeliner from that morning still on, I saw noticeable results in the form of a more taut jawline and a more sculpted (less puffy) face.

Others noticed the results on me too. Which I always appreciate because, you know, I like confirmation that I’m not crazy or just seeing things.

Both Paula and Tres Belle owner Allison Tray recommend a series of Microcurrent Myolift treatments for clients seeking dramatic results. Every five days or twice a week initially, for up to 4 weeks, and then once monthly for maintenance.

Microcurrent Myolift is the new beauty. We are seeing beauty trends that veer away from “quick fixes” and more towards healing and working with the body to stimulate its own system of repair and rejuvenation. Our technology isn’t a mass market device, commonly used by spas you know. We currently own one of 5 systems in the country and our clientele is clamoring for these unique treatments. This treatment is a favorite among celebrities who live under the constant glare of photographers and fans. They need to look their best at all times. We really see the schedule book up around award season, pilot season, et cetera. It’s not just celebs either. Everyday people want to feel confident and radiate health.  -Allison Tray

Photo with Allison Tray of Tres Belle Spa in Brooklyn

I can totally see how celebs would be all about the process, which at $275 a pop isn’t exactly cheap. Word on the street is that some celebs who really love the technology have similar machines in their own homes. But I could also see this for the not so young bride-to-be — or someone not loving the initial physical signs of aging — or someone desiring a more natural (and painless) alternative to botox and/or fillers — or someone who likes a side of calm and care with their anti-aging approach.

I personally really dug the wellness/zen factor of the treatment. Unlike traditional facials, there was no borderline-abusive poking or prodding. No unpleasantries. No stress.

Bottom line: I would get zapped again for sure. No question.


Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

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