UNISEXXXY: Sunday SpaDay

UNISEXXXY: Sunday SpaDay

Life is a hustle. And life in New York City is a constant grind. 

But wherever you live, if you want to be unisexxxy, you better find an hour a week to devote to yourself.  

How? Turn Sunday into SpaDay!

Here are my Top 6 At-Home Products and Treatments for both boys and girls to get you all gorge just in time for the workweek ahead…

1. GIOVANNI Detox System Purifying Facial Mask

Giovanni’s charcoal-enriched formula pulls out all the deep-rooted dirt embedded in your skin’s pores. The naturally strong volcanic ash works on the skin’s impurities for an intense detox. Giovanni experts developed this hypo-allergenic, animal-friendly product to be benefical for all skin types. The ingredients react over a 20-30 minute application and leave your face smooth and nourished. Just how you like it.

2. SKIN & CO. Roma Detoxifying Body Gommage

Can you say luxury in Italian?! This black truffle exfoliant/gel combo for your body will scruff away dead cells and liven skin instantly. The ingredients deliver anti-oxidants to the skin, which aid in anti-aging while simultaneously providing a refreshed and fully moisturized glow. That’s amore!

3. FRESH Sugar Lip Polish

No more neglect. Just as you would exfoliate the rest of your body, give your lips that same TLC.  A quick one-minute scrub with this yummy polish will slough off any dead or damaged skin and leave your pout feeling tingly and plump. As in…. most-kissable! Trust me, you’re gonna love it, suga’ lips!!


As someone who uses both heat and styling products, by Sunday my hair and scalp are parched. I quench their thirst with this overnight boost of nutrition from avocado butter, oatmeal and a cluster of oil extracts. It’s organic, all-natural, fresh, handmade and beyond D*Lish! On Monday morning, my hair is full of moisture and silky smooth, not to mention has incredible shine. By far my favorite leave-in conditioner. Loves it!

5. LUXURIANT Cuticle Care

A total Josie Grossie moment…dirty, dull, rigid fingernails! A quick pick-me-up — clean then buff fingernails and follow with an application of this moisture stick to the cuticles. Massage until absorbed. Muuuuuuch better.

6. TRUE BLUE SPA Smoothing Foot Scrub

Shoes. What’s not to love? They complete the outfit. But with warm weather approaching, it’s soon sandal-season. Just another reason to pamper your feet. With this scrub you remove dirt and buildup, exfoliate callused skin, restore rough spots and actually deodorize. Talk about a multi-tasker!

So repeat after me. One hour every week. Sunday SpaDay. A relaxation ritual that will leave you with head-to-toe glow!

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