DUDES DISH: Getting Grilled

DUDES DISH: Getting Grilled

True story, I’m a California boy at heart. And there are many days where I would gladly trade surfing the subway for a morning surf session at Trestles followed by some homemade guac with chips and grilled carne asada.

La Dolce Vita.

Well it may be across the continent, but who’s to say I can’t bring a little West Coast to the city that never sleeps. And if I can, you can too…

Possibly the greatest invention since the printing press. While I would love to have a Viking grill there’s just no room in NYC. I do, however, have a fire escape to strap this bad boy onto… and viola, balcony grill.

Would a knight go into battle without his armor? Never. So take the opportunity to suit up. Find yourself an apron that speaks to your individual style.

My aunt once told me the first rule of cooking is never to start without a drink in your hand. While I’ve been known to bend a few, this is one rule I strictly abide by. Now pour yourself a couple fingers and see how many sins you can check off with these deadly glasses.

I know, I know. Smoking is bad for you. For this, I defer to a quote by Clement Freud: “If you resolve to give up smoking, drinking and loving, you don’t actually live longer; it just seems longer.” My suggestion – enjoy life with a Partagas Series D no. 4 while slow grilling that steak.

Chances are you’re renting your apartment. And as much as I’m sure your landlord would just love if you illegally drilled a hole in the side of his building to wire some outdoor speakers, there is an easier way to get music outside. I give you Sonos wireless speakers. Let the music play.