I first met Gabriel Almodovar while working as Creative Content Director on a (now award-winning!!) multi-platform project with Latina magazine and P&G Beauty (Covergirl, Olay, Herbal Essences, Pantene, Venus, Satin Care, and Secret). When serving in this type of role, I oversee all the beauty looks with the hair + makeup team. It wasn’t but a few minutes into meeting Gabe and discussing the vision for the shoot that his lovable nature and passion for makeup surfaced. And soon after the first model was in his chair, his talent also became evident. 

Now when you arrive on set, you bring not only your skill set but your energy as well. Needless to say, Gabe’s brings it. And then some.

Fast forward to the recent launch of Maybelline’s new website CITY and who do I see front and center as one of three personalities for the  blog?!

Mr. Gabriel Almodovar – sharing tips, tricks, trends and more!! 

As a huge Maybelline fan (some of their recent launches like Dream Bouncy Blush, Color Whisper and Color Sensational Vivids have really elevated the brand in my eyes, and of course their mascaras are a pro kit staple), I was beyond excited to see him represent and, of course, I had to pick his brain on this new endeavor and his love of Maybelline New York.

Here’s what Gabriel had to say…

(And ladies, you may want to get a pen and paper because his TIPS are ahhhh-mazing!)

Tell us a little about Maybelline’s new blog CITY. What’s its mission and what is your role?

CITY is a beauty and fashion blog with a new theme every month! The mission is to bring trends to life and make them more approachable to the readers by utilizing MNY’s IT Team, which also includes a famous supermodel and a fashion stylist.

I am the makeup artist of the IT Team so my role is everything beauty and makeup! I will be featured in backstage footage of the ELLE Fashion NEXT college fashion show tours happening now along with presenting the featured look of the week from Fashion Star plus trend How-To’s straight from the runways.

What do you love about the Maybelline brand? What does it represent to you?

I love the urban yet approachable feel of MNY. The products are top notch for a drugstore brand and the heartbeat of MNY is on the runways! To me – MNY represents fashion, beauty, wearability and being on the cutting edge.

What are your all-time favorite Maybelline products?

My all-time favorite product from MNY is Colossal Mascara! The volume is instantaneous and the mascara couldn’t be any darker. I also very much love Dream Liquid Foundation because it melts beautifully into the skin. The Master Drama Pencils are fantastic because you get intense color with long-wear. And lastly, I can’t live without the Fit Me Concealers – the colors and coverage and finish are FANTASTIC! 

 What are your favorite new Maybelline products?

My favorite brand-new MNY products are the Color Tattoo Cream Shadows because they’re so versatile, Color Sensational Vivids Lip Color because the colors are truly vivid and, lastly, I adore the Color Sensational High Shine Lip Glosses because they leave such a gorgeous finish! Also, Color Whisper Lip Colors are a fantastic sheer lipstick with a beautiful shine.

 Any insider tips and tricks to share for how to best use the Maybelline products you love most?

  • Colossal Mascara is best used after curling the lashes. Place the saturated brush at the root of the lash and wiggle the wand as you move outward toward the tip of the lashes.
  • Dream Liquid Foundation is best applied with your fingers and the warmth of your hands helps melt the foundation into your skin. Make sure you apply the foundation over the edge of your jawline to make sure the color from your face to neck is seamless. 
  • Fit Me Concealers are best applied from the tube and blended using your ring finger with a tapping movement so as not to tug on the thin skin under the eye.
  • Color Tattoo Cream Shadows are best used with your fingers but a synthetic brush also works. The best application is to stipple, too much rubbing of the cream will cause it to transfer back to your finger or brush and not stick to the eyelid. I love using them as an eyeshadow base as well to intensify your eye makeup.
  • Color Sensational Vivids Lip Color is best applied directly from the bullet to saturate the lip. Line lips second creating the shape you want using a lip pencil that’s either neutral or matches the lip color almost exactly.

What are some beauty trends you’re loving now? And which are you so over?

I love the trend of a velvety finish on the skin, not too dewy and not too matte. Full well-groomed brows are so sexy to me! And I am so ecstatic about color returning to eyes. 

I’m ready for the overly contoured look to go bye-bye! It’s not flattering unless you are under intense lighting! I’m also ready for the dark smoky eye to go into hibernation for a little while. And I’m waiting for everyone to realize that natural looking lashes are more flattering than having a millipede resting atop your eyelids.

What should we be excited to see in the future on the CITY site?

Footage of Erin Wasson, Louise Roe and myself working together! Since MNY created the IT Team they will have us working together to show the viewers what we do and how we do it here at M-N-Y!

I personally can’t wait to see more of this CITY boy!!



  1. Rose Cosenza

    I am going to the drugstore to check out these Maybelline products.  Thanks Gabriel.

  2. 1s64c6tyn5njy

    I am going to the drugstore to check out these Maybelline products.  Thanks Gabriel.