InternDIVA: ColorMe Professional Temp Hair Color

InternDIVA: ColorMe Professional Temp Hair Color

ColorMe Temporary Hair Color in Orchid

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR DIVAS! I hope you all made some wonderful memories over the holidays, leaving 2013 on a good note and entering 2014 with a positive attitude.

Self-growth and maturity were huge for me in 2013, so for this new year, I’m prepared to set off my imagination, get creative, be confident, and love and embrace who I am as a person. Pantone thinks you should too, as they present the color of the year 2014 to be (drumroll please!) Radiant Orchid! Whether in beauty or fashion, Radiant Orchid boasts an energetic and healthy glow for all. Not only is it a true statement-maker, but is shockingly versatile for all different skin types. 

So in honor of good vibes and leaps of confidence, I made a bold move myself and tested out ColorMe by Giuliano Professional Temporary Hair Color in Orchid

I’ve always had intentions on dying the tips of my hair some crazy color, but then I thought about how middle school that was and how badly my ends would suffer from having to bleach them. I still secretly thought it looked super cool and trendy, and wondered if I could ever pull it off without it looking trashy. Thanks to ColorMe’s washable formula, I had a little fun with some temporary hair color…or shall I say hair mascara?

The interesting thing about this product is that it condenses hair color from a box to a single mascara bottle. Even the brush is identical to a mascara one! Ultimately, application is simple: Just comb through a few strands of your hair at a time, with repeated strokes depending on how intense you want the color to appear. No gloves necessary. It all comes right off as soon as you wash your hands/hair, so it’s perf for spontaneous urges on-the-go!

Now I’m sure everyone has their doubts about hair color, especially the damage it could possibly cause to our locks. I was pretty nervous for how dry/stiff my ends would be post-application, but because this product is 110% temporary, my tips underwent absolutely no damage. Such a relief!

ColorMe Temporary Hair Color in Orchid – Morning After Application

Finally, I put ColorMe’s “temporary” longevity to the test. I wore the hair color out last night, slept in it (excuse my bedhead), and ran errands at the supermarket all afternoon today…and hints of the color still lasted! Although a much less intense shade compared to the first picture, I was surprised to see that it didn’t completely disappear. I say this look is perfect for those who enjoy a more subtle effect, yet still want to spice up their everyday hair routine.

As for removal, simply rinsing your hair instantly gets all of the hair color out. Soooo easy.

So the lesson to be learned: Step out of your comfort zone, do something BOLD, and have confidence in whatever you do! Start 2014 right with a little more color in your life; I promise it’ll be worth your while!



Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Samples were provided for review.