InternDIVA: Glosstone PRO Lipgloss

InternDIVA: Glosstone PRO Lipgloss

Do you ever wonder what the real difference is between Pro makeup and regular makeup (besides the fact that Pro makeup is used by professional makeup artists)? I mean, I’ve tested many products before and I get why more expensive brands get the credit they do over drugstore brands, but high-end brands don’t necessarily translate to being “pro”. 

To finally put an end to my questioning, I got the chance to do some hands-on research by testing my first pro lip gloss, Glosstone PRO by Mehron in Bubble Gum Sparkle

Aaand a few swipes was all I really needed to understand why Mehron attached PRO to the end of Glosstone. Here’s what I found:

  • First thing to note is that this is a high luster lip gloss, meaning that it’s packed with tiny light reflectors that work well on-set with the camera as well as in real life adding volume for fuller lips.
  • The formula is non-sticky (emphasis on this one because it’s my favorite part about it), non-scented and lightweight.
  • The gloss is actually long-lasting.
  • It is also highly pigmented; 2 swipes gave me all the color I desired with any more than that putting me in danger of a seriously pink lip!
  • Packed with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, Glosstone is nourishing as well.

With all of these characteristics working together in one gloss, it made sense as to why Glosstone PRO would be used more among professionals versus the everyday diva. However from a girl who enjoys a versatile lip, playing with lots of shimmer can be fun for a GNO or a random photo shoot. One thing’s for sure – this lippie is definitely not camera shy!

While I only used Bubble Gum Sparkle in this post, I couldn’t help but add Golden Spark (shown in top picture) to my pro lip experiment afterwards. From the outside, this color looks like it might be pigmented as a yellow-gold, but it’s actually pretty sheer. Its rating on the luster scale however, is off the charts.

When having two Glosstone PROs on hand, I suggest choosing one or the other, whether it be solo or on top of a plain matte lipstick. Combining these two colors together put me through shimmer overload and an almost frosty-looking lip, but Golden Spark alone is amazing for a glam touch to nude or bare lips.

While there are some notable differences between Pro and regular makeup, Pro makeup doesn’t always have to be reserved for the professional  makeup artist elite. Whenever you’re bonding with your camera or just feel like being glam boss, make sure to have Glosstone PRO by your side!



Note: This post is not sponsored. Samples were provided for review and all thoughts are unbiased and my own.