InternDIVA: Go Green

InternDIVA: Go Green

I’ve decided to do a little experimenting with my usual “go-to” looks and routines this summer. I guess you can say I’m more of a “plain Jane” when it comes to fashion and beauty. But I think it’s time to change it up! Starting with color…

There’s nothing wrong with adding a little color to your life, not to mention going green has been an ongoing trend that’s not slowing anytime soon. So why not add a little green into the mix? From pale mint to bold kelly, the happy summer shade is far from playing it safe.

In the spirit of trying new things, here are my Top 5 green products for summer sure to leave you feeling beautiful inside and out. 


I have become obsessed with green tea over the course of this past year. Green tea is loaded with beneficial nutrients and antioxidants that help to improve your health in a number of ways, including developing a faster metabolism, enhanced brain function, lowering your risk of various cancers/diseases and a ton more. People tend to go crazy when it comes to crash dieting and killing themselves with insane hours of cardio in order to reach their beach bod goals. However, you should always make sure you’re reaching your fitness goals in a healthy way. Along with exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet, drinking up to three cups of green tea a day will help to leave you feeling energized and better than ever (not to mention with a super high metabolism!).


Being someone who has struggled to find good products for my highly sensitive skin, I always look for items with no harsh ingredients that might cause an irritation to my face/body. The Soap & Paper Factory’s green tea shea butter soap is awesome for anyone who has sensitive skin like myself. Besides this soap leaving you feeling squeaky clean, your skin will feel completely revitalized! There are no additives, dyes or petrochemicals added to this adorably packaged soap, assuring your skin is exposed to ingredients free of harm.


Pantene has been favorite brand of mine for as long as I can remember, but the new Nature Fusion conditioner with avocado oil has been nothing less than amazing. Avocado oil is a miracle worker for your hair. Besides leaving it silky smooth, avocado oil also helps to prevent hair loss, promotes hair growth and helps to restore brittle damaged hair. Your hair will give off the healthy glow it deserves this summer with the help of this Nature Fusion conditioner!


Nothing complements beautifully bronzed skin quite like bright neon colors. Essie’s Vices Versa is the perfect shade of green to try out this summer! I tend to lean towards neutrals when it comes to picking polishes for myself, but this neon laquer dries into a slightly softer shade than appears in the bottle. Though still bright and bold, Vises Versa is far from harsh or unflattering. It will be the perfect pop of color to complement to your summer wardrobe.


From Pinterest to Tumblr, neon tends to be a popular trend for the summer season. Stores such as Victoria’s Secret have a huge variety of fun, brightly colored bikinis that will make you look and feel tanner than ever! Green being one of my favorite colors, I went with the strapless neon-green top paired with cheeky bottoms. Of course, Victoria’s Secret isn’t the only place to find yourself a vibrant bikini for this summer. Target and H&M also have great variety!

These fav personal picks will be the perfect splash of color to your daily routine this summer. Enjoy!!!

– Marlena 

Note: This post is not sponsored. Some samples were provided for review.


  1. Jessica Angeles

    Love this! Totes have had my eyes on that VS bathing suit in that color for forever. It seriously does your tan skin a HUGE favor during the summer :).

  2. Marlena Sirois

    The bikini color does my skin some serious justice!! Glad you enjoyed :) 

    PS – so funny you’re from Rockland too! LOL 

  3. Jessica Angeles

    Such a coincidence! Hahaha