DIVA DOES… The Kattia Solano of Butterfly Studio Salon Interview

DIVA DOES… The Kattia Solano of Butterfly Studio Salon Interview

A lot, and I mean A LOT, of my industry friends get their hair done at Butterfly Studio Salon. I’m talking media and publishing friends, beauty and fashion friends, ad agency friends… I would actually be hard pressed to find someone in the business who hasn’t been. I know a plethora of women — and men! — who go quite regularly for haircuts, blowouts, hair color, hair treatments, eyelash tinting, makeup and more.

So the opportunity to get the scoop directly from the founder of Butterfly herself was one I jumped on. Read on to hear Kattia Solano’s thoughts on what clients are asking for, what to do after you leave the salon, what’s life-changing, how to beat the heat and what’s trending now!

What do your clients ask for most often?

Our clients are always asking for what’s happening at the moment and the look they just saw on the newsstands or on the red carpet. With color everyone is asking for sexy, beachy color. Think of what your color would look like towards the end of summer, after you’ve been outdoors a lot. Sunkissed hair, brighter blonde and bronze tones. It’s that Victoria’s Secret look. Women are requesting balayage highlights, which is a freehand painting method that creates natural looking highlights that are also quite low maintenance.

Haircut requests are still following the short hair trend and everyone is going shorter than ever before with fun crops, lobs, bobs, and pixie cuts. People are going for chops like their favorite celebrities Rita Ora and Kaley Cuoco. Also, the shoulder length is more in than ever before. Short hair is the new long hair! These shorter shapes are also perfect for balayage highlights because the placement of hair color can be completely tailored to enhance the details of the haircut.

What is something every woman (and man?) should be doing at home after they leave the salon to keep their hair looking amazing?

Honestly, the most important thing is the most simple – use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Your cleansing choice is one of the biggest things that will help you get the most out of your hair and will help to achieve the best-looking style. 

Many people may be neglecting the proper recommendations. For example, it’s a very common mistake to use something too heavy that weighs down the hair, or using a line that’s not nourishing enough (or skipping out on the hair mask) which tends to promote frizz and breakage. Or not using any styling products or leave-in conditioners at all when exposing hair to hot tools.

Stylists will say that hair products do the work for you, and it’s all true. Your hair products in general should be right for your hair texture and specific style. And even the weather/climate and how long you’ll be outdoors. If you experiment with different looks, make sure you are using the right product.  It’s never one size fits all.  

Which treatment is most life-changing?

There are a lot of treatments out there that will make your hair look or appear better for a moment in time. What makes something life-changing is a treatment that makes your mane more manageable and HEALTHY. Beautiful hair is healthy hair. Right now there’s only one product that delivers it all, and that’s Cezanne Perfect Finish. Your hair becomes silky, shiny, and seriously frizz-free – which will make your blow dry much easier to achieve. The treatment will even help your blowout last longer!

I particularly love this treatment because it smoothes out any texture without taking the volume out of the hair, and depending on the texture of the hair and aftercare it typically lasts 3-5 months. Hair still moves and can be styled wavy so having the versatility is another perk, because women want solutions for their lifestyle without rules or limits.

What is your best advice for a good hair day despite NYC summer humidity?

Your best bet is to get the Cezanne smoothing treatment, however you can also try a few updos to keep you cool. To rework and recreate updos, try a braided knot, using a different style of braid like a fishtail or french brai and adding in a hair accessory.

The best thing about these hairstyles is that they look more stylish and modern when they are a tad bit messy and not so polished, so your summer texture will actually benefit the ‘do. Making the look less perfect also means less worrying about maintaining it throughout the day.

Finally, what is the next big trend for hair?

The trend we are seeing is sleek yet relaxed hair.  Very shiny, healthy hair that’s smooth and slightly straighter. For curly-haired girls, you can get this texture with a treatment like Cezanne, while straight-haired girls will need to create with a curling iron.

Even the beachy waves look that is very popular is slightly different with a sleeker wet finish on top.  The wet look this year is all about a softer, more wearable texture with damp, glossy “wet-like” roots and lengths that are more dry and not so controlled.

And there you have it!

PS, if you want to see how the Cezanne process worked on a DIVAlicious reader, click HERE.


Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

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