The Dish with DDR: Banish the Bloat…Naturally!

The Dish with DDR: Banish the Bloat…Naturally!

Ladies! I have some groundbreaking, (well for me anyway) discoveries that I must share! 

If you’re like most females, who experience pre-menstrual cramps and don’t love the fact of popping a pill to ease the pain, and would prefer a more natural way, I think I may have the solution for you. 


So, I have a few things going on simultaneously that led me to this wonderful discovery.  First, a few months ago I decided I wanted to give up red meat for a while, not forever, or yes, maybe forever.  Nevertheless, I gave it up for personal reasons and have realized how much lighter and better I feel on a regular basis, that’s one.  On top of the “no red meat” thing, I’ve been limiting my dairy intake to only once in a while in my Caramel Macchiato or when I MUST have a piece of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese! Overall, my diet consists of eating a lot of fruits, veggies and lean protein.  I subscribe to the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan.  Nonetheless, some of my favorite recipes from the plan include the wonderful, power plant food FLAXSEED!

Flaxseed is one of the most powerful plants in the world!  Flaxseed is so high in essential fatty acids (Yay for Omega’s!) that it has been shown to block production of prostaglandins (that annoying hormone that causes cramps and inflammation).  It is also rich in antioxidants, calcium and fiber too!  Can’t go too wrong with this one, gals!

You can put flaxseed basically in any and everything because it really doesn’t have much flavor.  Usually, I add flaxseed to my breakfast smoothies, omlette, soups and salad.  I like to use finely ground flaxseed (digested much easier than whole seeds) from the 365 Everyday Value brand found in Whole Foods or other natural food markets.  

Overall,  I recognized that combining a diet low in red meat, less dairy and including flaxseed (one tablespoon a day at a time) have made a HUGE difference in the intensity of my menstrual cramps and bloating and I’ve also seen great improvement in my hair, skin and nails. Um, AWESOME!   


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