InternDiva: Holiday Lips

InternDiva: Holiday Lips

The weather outside is frightful but our divalicious lips are so delightful! Divas, holiday season is here and I want to help you all get holiday-glam-ready with these amazing holiday lips that will definitely make Santa come earlier. 

Red lips are definitely a holiday tradition. When little Michael saw mama kissing santa he forgot to mention she was wearing a hot red lip. For my first look I’m going for the classic bright red lip. Here, I’m usingMAC’s Cherry lip liner. With this liner I lined and completely filled in my lips.

Next I lined my lips (at the border) with a brown lip liner. This step is optional for divas with lighter complexions. For my divas with deeper skin tones, this will help tone down any harsh lines and  blend well with your complexion.

Here is the completed lip— it’s the perfect red lip!

Now I have on MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick. This is my go-to red lip. You could wear this by itself or you could spice it up for the holiday season. 

To spice up this lip look, try MAC’s Nightmoth lip pencil . Line your lips with the liner and then blend by rubbing your lips together. 

This is one bad ass holiday lip!

For this next look, we are using the cherry lip liner again. This time we are going to lightly fill in the lips so that the color is not as pigmented as the first time.

Next apply one coat of a gold colored lipgloss. I’m using bareMinerals Risk Taker lipgloss. Adding the gold gloss will give your red lip a gold sparkle to it (very festive!) and make your lips appear fuller (very sexy!). 

I just love this love this lip!

Our final lip is an ombre red lip. I started with Mac’s Ruby Woo on my lip. I made sure not to apply any of the red lipstick at the center of my lips because that is where the pink lipstick is going to be added. With the red lip applied, add the pink lipstick to the center. I used MAC’ s Viva Glam Nicki Minaj lipstick. This lipstick was limited edition but any pink lipstick that is matte will do.  Once you’re done applying, make sure to blend the two colors together so the two are seamless. 

I love this lip look it’s a fun twist to the average red lip. It’s always fun to switch things up once in a while, especially with makeup.

Out of all the looks I did, I really liked  looks  2 and 3 best. Divas, what was your favorite look?  Would you go for a bad ass red lip like me or something more sweet like the cherry liner mixed with the pink lipstick? Give me the deets!

See you soon, divas!



Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. All photos are my own.

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  1. Lauren Cosenza

    I vote for #1, Trish!! Such a beautiful pop of color against your complexion. Gorgeous!