InternDIVA: Jane Intense Color Lip Gloss

InternDIVA: Jane Intense Color Lip Gloss

As many of us college divas know, Finals Season is #stresscity, and procrastination is at its finest. Ultimately, our daily wardrobes and beauty routines are taken down a notch (or several), multiple trips to Starbucks become our main source of exercise, and the infamous “no make-up make-up” look is our temporary best friend. While Mixed Chicks Spring Bands helped me survive midterms, Jane Intense Color Lip Gloss in Inspire came to the rescue as my cherry on top for a “Finals Week-Chic” look. 

When sleepless nights and seeing nothing but books becomes your life for 2 weeks, a quick and refreshing swipe of a natural gloss may just be all you have time for. Inspire is perfect for that because it’s a nude shade with pink undertones, which is something that caters to every gal. You really can never go wrong with a natural color, and I was very pleased that my lips and Jane Intense Color Lip Gloss were a match made in Heaven. 

The product payoff was actually awesome with this lippie. Right off the bat, I could tell it was packed with Vitamin E (as Jane claims) since my lips felt ultra hydrated and moisturized. I really liked its lightweight formula, so it wasn’t heavy at all on my lips either. And while lip glosses in general aren’t meant to stay a while, Inspire stayed on for almost 2 hours, and when reapplication was needed, I barely noticed. It actually left my lips feeling soft instead of the usual drying/flaky residue!

What I love most about this gloss in particular is the packaging. Skinny and slender is the way to go when it comes to lip glosses, as to me it appears more sophisticated and reminds me less of the fat tubes I used to whip out during class in middle school. On top of that, the slender tip makes application easy breezy, especially if I’m on the go and one hand just cannot handle a separate lip gloss wand. 

You can probably guess that I had no problem making my coffee trips with nothing but Jane Intense Color Lip Gloss on. I mean, at least my lips looked kissable!



Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Samples were provided for review.


  1. Lauren Cosenza

    For a $9 gloss, this is some writeup, girl!! I will have to test one myself. Maybe something more vivid to see if the brights are equally amazing. XOLC

  2. Jessica Angeles

    I KNOWWW. I didn’t expect to like it this much after loving the NYX Butter Gloss so much. I do wonder how “intense” the other colors appear, since mine was just a natural nude. Lmk how that goes!!! <3