If there was one beauty trend I was REALLY behind on, it would be the bold brows trend. Like LDiva mentioned in her post, I 1) am definitely not Cara Delevigne blessed and 2) cannot, I repeat, CANNOT draw my brows freehandedly, let alone a simple cat-eye with wet eyeliner (which is a trend I totally skipped out on because of that). Truthfully, I felt it was just easier to leave my brows alone…until eyebrow game became a serious thing, and I was the only one not playing.

Just as I was ranting about my hopeless brows at LDiva’s, she came to the rescue with one of Sephora’s reusable brow stencils from their Fall In Line Brow Stencil Kit. I even snagged a few tips for my especially thin-haired brow pair.

I matched up with Eyebrow Stencil 2, which was perfect in terms of length and arch – both of which I totally lack. As per LDiva’s advice, I lined the stencil’s arch up with mine, held down both sides of the stencil against my forehead, and simply filled in. Using the other side of the pencil, we used the brush to style and even the brows out, and boom! SO EASY. And I thought Cara-like brows were just a dream…

Here, we used IT Cosmetics’ Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil, but I also suggest Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil, or even just any matte taupe eyeshadow for the economic diva.

For $12, this nifty kit is not only well-equipped with a double-ended brow tool and 6 different stencils that are fun to play with, but it’s also mini and super travel-friendly. TOTES a must-have for quick fix-ups on-the-go, or even just experimenting with new brow shapes for the heck of it. I guarantee, with bold brows comes with a likewise personality ;).




Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. 


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