InternDIVA: Mixed Chicks Spring Bands

InternDIVA: Mixed Chicks Spring Bands

For many of us college Divas, these past two weeks have been straight #GRINDMODE. I hope you all survived midterms just as I (barely) did, and I have a few exam-week essentials I’d like to thank for that.

From double-shot espresso coffees to one-liter coconut water bottles, to boyfriend sweatpants and oversized hoodies, you can bet my filled-to-the-brim backpack that I rely on these survival staples. New to this midterm season: Mixed Chicks Spring Bands

When they first arrived for testing, I was digging the fun colors and unique construction but wasn’t so sure about performance given their retro telephone-cord appearance.

For you ladies who have lengthy hair like me, you KNOW how annoying your long locks can become when you are trying to study notes, read a textbook, eat a plate of leftovers, or even sleep. And while scrunchies and elastic ponytail holders are my besties, I usually have to be committed to restyling or even rewashing my hair due to the bumps and folds they leave after prolonged wear. 

Although created for curly hair, Spring Bands tooootally did me justice for my pin-straight locks. Made of plastic and designed to naturally weave into strands, you won’t find yourself screaming in pain from yanking out your hair tie (not to mention the aftermath of realizing you just pulled out 4 or 5 …or 10 strands). No breakage, no tangles. Spring Bands ensure a secure hold that will keep your pony intact for hours, and will glide right out of your hair with no effort.

From day to night, to even the next day, I can finally do things efficiently and stress-free without having to worry about hair getting in my face as well as the dreaded awkward bump in my hair from the ponytail holder. PLUS I get to keep all of the hair on my head. Yay.

On top of all that, my wrists are saved from being cut off from circulation thanks to Spring Bands. With their lightweight and coiled design, they leave absolutely no mark on wrists. AND they come in five different colors, including Charcoal, Light Pink, Light Amber, Light Yellow and Light Aqua (the ones I used and pictured above). Groovy and stylish, if I may say so myself. 

Am I in love with this product? If it makes my life 10x easier, I say yes!



Note: This post is not sponsored. Samples were provided for review.